Mr Yum is Australia’s most innovative web-based mobile menu, ordering and payment platform used by leading hospitality venues for dine-in, pick-up and delivery. Join the future of menus and seamlessly integrate your H&L POS with Mr Yum, just like 150+ others. 

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Create service efficiencies while growing sales and data with Mr Yum.  


Advancing Batching: Set different batching times for different menu categories – for instance setting a longer batching time for food, and a shorter batching time for drinks. It means drinks print and can be served quickly while the food docket waits longer for more orders on the same table before printing in the kitchen. 


Tabs: Create a magical customer experience for corporates and groups! With Mr Yum tabs you won’t have to manage a customer’s credit cards and spend limits, or even take an order. Customer’s can create a tab, invite their friends or colleagues to join and start placing orders as they please – they’ll even receive an itemised receipt at the end of the night. Orders from a tab are received as normal, ensuring there are no changes to operations.


Loyalty: Through Mr Yum you can create your own Loyalty program, allowing your customers to earn and redeem points on every purchase. This opens up countless marketing, loyalty and reward possibilities – keeping your customers coming back over and over again.

Mr Yum and H&L are better together!

Each Mr Yum order gets ‘batched’ with other orders on the same table so the kitchen only gets one docket and food arrives together.

Mr Yum orders will print automatically, assigned to the printer the items usually print to.

Reporting in H&L includes Mr Yum orders so you can access a full picture in your POS reports.

Receive digital tips from customers that go through your POS.

For pre-orders - get these sent to your pos, only when it makes sense to. Whether that is 1 hour before the customer is picking up the order, or 30 minutes to reduce confusion in the kitchen.

*Coming soon* Import your menu straight from H&L into Mr Yum.

These brands seamlessly integrate H&L with Mr Yum:

Australian Venue Co.
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Without exaggeration Mr Yum is the most significant development in the pub industry since the invention of draught beer.

— Paul Waterson, CEO of Australian Venue Co.