Perth POS Systems

WA is a thriving region, with an array of cafes & restaurants opening across Perth. Our Perth POS systems are perfectly suited for the challenge of running a hospitality business, competing priorities and managing your staff. The H&L POS system for Western Australia was built by people in the hospitality and leisure industry for you, Western Australians.

Like the rest of Australia, Perth is facing its challenging in small to medium business, and the H&L POS System is designed to cater for high volume, sturdy operations. It will add significant value to your business in Perth and assist you to grow and sustain that growth in a typically taxing and competitive industry.

If you are looking for the perfect POS system in Western Australia, contact our local support and development team, based in Perth and organise for a demo today.

We're also a member of the Liquor Stores Association of Western Australia Inc & Australian Hotels Association (WA) which helps us better understand our customer base.

Contact Name: Al Black
Phone Number: 1800 778 340
International Phone: +61 8 9260 9100
Fax: +61 8 9328 4822
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Address: Ground Floor, 310 Lord Street, Perth WA 6000