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Cash & Stock Control

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Current activity

Keyboard Customisation


Membership loyalty program

Supports customer loyalty

Debtors and credit management

Management of stock levels

Maximise profitability

Stock control

Cash control


Staff communication

Track staff activity

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Secure staff profiles


Historical purchase reports

Supplier activity

Supplier profiles

Till Balancing

Variance reporting

Correct at the POS

Till takings


"I think H&L gives us a competitive advantage by allowing us to be on the flow. I think that a lot of restaurant and bar managers spend too much time in the office. It's a necessary evil that you need to spend time on your back of house cause you need to make sure your business is running well. But with H&L it allows us that freedom to be on the floor and touching tables. We work in hospitality and that to me is the most important part of hospitality."

Ryan Bishell, General Manager, Long Chim