Connected to the Industry Award

Ensure you are not paying your staff too little, or too much, and reduce unnecessary wage costs in your venue. This product allows you to easily communicate with staff about rosters and announcements so that nothing is missed.

Have confidence in the powerful, flexible and highly adaptable payroll calculation engine and the tailored support we offer with years of experience addressing modern Federal Awards and EBAs, to be able to handle the complexities that arise in the ever changing industry landscape.

Common sense rostering

Shows a manager what their costs will be as they write their rosters with applicable award penalties visible. This allows costs to be controlled before a staff member ever sets foot in the venue.

Penalty warnings

Know your expected costs. Loadings and penalties incurred in any shift are highlighted immediately.

Powerful reporting tools

Managers have the ability through the Roster Cost Status report to know whether their wages are under control as the week unfolds, rather than being told after the week has ended that they didn’t make their budgets. Variance from rosters to actual costs can be broken down person by person, day by day. Board level reporting is available via the Wage Analysis report.

Revenue forecasting

Forecast sales into the future based on actual sales history to provide targets and budgets as a percentage of sales. Allows managers to confirm when their busiest periods are likely to be to ensure adequate staffing.

Accurate time & attendance recording

Fingerprints at the time and attendance kiosk remove the chance for ‘buddy punching’ to occur. The kiosk can prompt staff attempting to clock on prior to a scheduled start to ensure this was authorised by a manager as well as ensuring they register a break when they clock off if applicable.

Shift duties

Calculate your staffing costs correctly the first time and easily create duties and assign them on rosters.

Staff communication

Email or SMS rosters out to staff, send messages at the time and attendance kiosk and replace or auction shifts from the Exceed POS when using the Live Wages integration available with Sysnet.

Payroll integration

Integrations available for many commonly used payroll packages to save administration time and minimise the possibility of human error from manual data entry.

Individual payroll integration is done to maximise the transparency of your payroll processes and outputs so you can identify and address any changes easily.

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