J2 Universal UPS

J2 Universal UPS
$243.00 each

Key Features
  • Smart Low Voltage DC UPS
  • Long runtimes 1.5-5 hours depending on POS system and configuration
  • Lithium-ion Battery Technology
  • Orderly system shut down on low battery
  • Protects POS data from power interruptions
  • Protects against low line voltage
  • Eliminates the need for AC line conditioning
  • Installs in base of J2 6XX series POS
  • LED for UPS status
  • Smart UPS interactive software
  • Compatible Windows XP,7,8, Server and Linux
  • Compatible with most all J2 POS Systems
  • Computer data protected against power loss
  • Full AC power line protection
  • POS can still operate with power outage
  • Very small foot print, mounts inside POS
  • Very energy efficient
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Small foot print (w)152mm x (d)80mm x (h)46mm

Retailers using POS systems from J2 can now enjoy a breakthrough in UPS support that offers power protection never seen before before in POS solutions. Whilst an external AC UPS can provide run times of 5-30 minutes, the J2 Universal UPS can support run time from 1.5-5 hours depending on the J2 systems used and configuration.

One big advantage of using the J2 UPS is that all peripheral powered by the J2 POS will still be powered when running on the UPS including printers when using the J2 680/680Lterminals.

This enables retailers to continue trading as normal, including doing cash transactions and printing, with no corruption or loss of data. Before it runs out of power, the system will trigger a safe and timely shut-down. The UPS unit is competitively priced, making it an affordable and wise investment.

The J2 universal UPS will work with most J2 POS computer products. This includes the J2 225/480/615/625/630/680 and 680L. For the J2 6XX series the UPS mount in the base of the unit where the power supply is normal mounted. When using the USP option the power supply will be mounted external to the unit. For the J2 225 and the J2 480 the UPS will be mounted outside the unit.

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