Manage thousands of transactions seamlessly and effortlessly

Track inventory and sales of food and drink and replenish stockin real timefrom multiple POS systems at your events. Keep your sales turning over fast so that you can maximise your revenue and profits for the day, all while you are managing stock levels.

H&L’s Event POS Benefits

Easy to use for new and existing staff

Training mode – can be switched on to effectively do any last minute training for staff across the whole POS without impacting on your live trade.

Design your keyboard – increase speed of service by using visual images to create effectivenavigation on your POS.

Staff messaging – an inbuilt function to communicate with your staff as they log onto the POS to keep communication transparent.

Stock levels and cashflow reports seamlessly delivered to central event organiser

Track your stock – stockmanagement and inventory control starts at the event POS and sent to our stock application at back of house which manages your event's inventory, purchases, costs, pricing, promotions, specials, andmore

Gather a snapshot of current activity – keep an eyeon cash in the tills, sales and revenue, what products are selling and staff productivity.

Current reports at any point in time – reports are available and can be run at any time to monitor sales, revenue, time sales, and user activity.


"The competitive advantage we get by using H&L is to be able to provide the accuracy of a restaurant which serves 100 people at a time, and bring that up to the scale of a festival which serves 20,000 people at a time."

Sandy Lay, Bar Manager, Womadelaide

Why do Event managers choose H&L’s POS solution?

On event day, you need to know your staff can efficiently manage thousands of transactions, in a cashless or cash environment. Read more about why Event managers choose H&L’s POS

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