Keeping your hands on the wheel becomes easier with H&L’s POS

How can you streamline liquor store operations while creating maximum profit opportunities at the same time? Every day gives you an opportunity to service customers better and generate a higher profit margin and with H&L’s Liquor Retail POS, you’ll be able to do exactly this.

Customer Case Study

The Arkaba Hotel


H&L is proud of the Arkaba’s success and proud to have partnered with the Arkaba for over 20 years to provide end-to-end POS solutions.

Check out what Sam has to say about how H&L’s ingenious systems have given The Arkaba Hotel the competitive advantage.

Our POS systems effortlessly process transactions and give you reliable feature rich systems which can be fully integrated to suit the needs of your liquor retail, no matter what size you are.

H&L’s Liquor Retail POS Benefits

Meet your customers' needs

Training mode – can be switched on to effectively train your staff across the whole store POS without impacting on your live trade.

Design your keyboard – increase speed of service and therefore sales by using visual images to create effective navigation on your liquor store POS, and set up time switches for a variety of functions.

Staff messaging – an inbuilt function to communicate with your staff as they log onto the POS to keep communication transparent.

Easy to use for new and existing staff

Track your stock – stock control starts at the liquor store POS and sent to our stock application at back of house which manages your store's inventory, purchases, costs, pricing, promotions, specials, and more.

Gather a snapshot of current activity – keep an eye on cash in the tills, open tables, what products are selling and staff productivity.

Current reports at any point in time – over 400 reports are available and can be run at any time to monitor sales, revenue, time sales, and user activity.

Build customer loyalty

Customer promotional offers – can be created and barcoded, when purchase criteria is met there is flexibility in how they are issued and redeemed

Mix and Match – accommodates for promotions where customers can mix and match items for a discount or set price. Can also be segmented by members or clubs or triggered by a time switch. For example, buy a carton of beer and receive a bottle of red wine this coming weekend only.

Grow your database – design and customise your own rewards program based on what you know about your customers, track and redeem membership offers as you need with flexible options.


"I know what I get when I use H&L. I know I get the service, I know the training's there, I know that every time that I have anything that I need I can pick up the phone and I can get an answer straight away. And that's really important for a business that runs 7 days a week and 18 hours a day."

Simon Lennox, Owner/Operator, The Osborne Hotel

H&L POS and the Competitive Edge


Check out what Sam has to say about how H&L’s powerful but easy-to-use system has given his hospitality business the competitive edge in a highly competitive marketplace.

Why Liquor Retailers choose H&L’s POS solution?

With up to date and real time information at your fingertips, H&L's Liquor Store POS puts you ahead of the game. Read more about why Liquor Retail Stores choose H&L’s POS.

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