1receipt® is tightly integrated into H&L POS system to issue, store, retrieve and manage digital receipts through a single smartphone app.

An all-in-one digital receipt platform

With 1receipt®, H&L merchants will benefit from:

Reduce receipt issuing cost

Boost customer satisfaction

Increase customer loyalty

Send targeted push / email ads

Single sign-up loyalty program

Contribute to a healthier world

Get a taste of 1receipt® by visiting https://taste.1receipt.io & click the 1receipt® logo to experience the new marketing channel.

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How to enable 1receipt®:

  1. Register for a 120-day free trial
  2. Receive your Digital Receipt System
  3. Plug-in & You’re Done!

How to enable 1receipt®:

  1. Download the app
  2. Register for an account
  3. Open the app and scan your unique barcode at checkout point in front of 1receipt®’s exclusive barcode scanner “Pyramid™” OR
  4. Integrate your unique barcode with your phone wallet for fast checkout experience.