Point of Sale Systems Australia

Australia’s Leading Point of Sale Systems Provider

H&L offers a comprehensive range of seamlessly integrated hospitality point of sale systems (POS) and software solutions in Australia. Our hotel and restaurant POS has pioneered technological advancements within the hospitality, food, and beverage industries for over three decades. Customers choose H&L because of our innovative products, customer-centric approach, and experienced hospitality professionals who understand the pain points of their day-to-day operations.

Our POS software is designed to manage businesses from top to bottom, connecting all relevant data and information from the front to the back of the house. Our POS system suits hotels, pubs, restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, and retail liquor outlets. We are committed to assisting clients every step of the way. Our account managers are fully invested in their clients’ businesses, tailoring our Australian POS system to their specific needs.

Features of Our Point of Sale Systems in Australia

A POS empowers you with unmatched control and transparency over your food and beverage operations. Here’s why our point of sale system in Australia stands out.

  • Ultimate Customisation: We can help you tailor your POS system to simplify your daily operations. You can add products, set prices, and seamlessly link your payment systems and printers. Also, we’ve partnered with Doshii to integrate Uber Eats, Tanda, OpenTable, HungryHungry, and other hospitality apps into H&L’s POS system.
  • Training Mode: You can safely simulate the complete POS environment without affecting live trade, till balances, or stock levels.
  • Prices, Taxes, and Discounts: It effortlessly manages prices, applies surcharges, or offers discounts that automatically apply at checkout when specific criteria are met.
  • Connect to Printers: It helps you streamline your workflow by connecting your POS to printers, ensuring efficient order processing.
  • Sale Screen: It enhances the user experience by adding images and categorising items for quicker order input.
  • Menu Customisation: It lets you customise your menu items to reflect what’s available to make order placement as simple and seamless as possible.
  • Floor Plan: You can assign orders to the correct tables by replicating your venue’s table layout.
Point of Sale Systems Australia
Point of Sale Systems Australia

Why Choose H&L for Point of Sale Systems in Australia?

When you choose H&L for your POS system needs in Australia, you unlock the following benefits.

  • Tailored Solutions: Our team ensures your POS system is customised to your venue’s unique requirements. We’ve got you covered whether you need remote or on-site setup. Moreover, we provide comprehensive training to maximise your POS software’s potential.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: H&L’s Account Managers are dedicated to your business’s success. We offer 24/7 support for urgent issues and have technical experts and hospitality professionals who understand your daily challenges.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Our POS software seamlessly connects front-of-house and back-of-house operations. It suits various businesses, from hospitality establishments to retail liquor outlets.
  • Online Store: H&L’s online store offers a wide range of hardware and consumables at discounted prices. Your hardware needs are covered, from touchscreen monitors to printers and paper rolls.
  • National Presence: H&L has a nationwide presence with sales, technicians, and trainers in every capital city. Our national help desk and client portal ensure that you can access support no matter where you’re located in Australia.

H&L is your trusted partner for point of sale systems in Australia. Call us for unmatched customisation, comprehensive support, and a POS system that meets your needs.