Manage multiple POS systems at multiple locations selling multiple products

Festivals and special events have very specific needs: multiple point of sale locations, high volumes of customers and the critical need for real time data to control the flow of products. H&L POS has been designed with these challenges in mind.

Easy to use for new and existing staff

Training mode

can be switched on to effectively train your staff across the whole store POS without impacting on your live trade. 

Manager Lock Functions

can be implemented to prevent mistakes. Discounts and refunds can require manager approval.

Design your keyboard

 increase speed of service by using visual images to create effective navigation

Staff messaging

an inbuilt function to communicate with your staff as they log onto the POS to keep communication transparent.

Legal Age

can be viewed on the home screen, or display it at the press of a button.

food truck festival
Dashboard Analytics | H&L POS

Stock levels & cash flow reports

Track your stock

Exceed provides information on quantity on hand, cost price, price levels, and margin. Determine the overall sale GP for items on the current sale grid.

Gather a snapshot of current activity

keep an eye on cash in the tills, products sold and staff activity.

Current reports at any point in time

over 400 reports are available and can be run at any time to monitor sales, revenue, time sales, and user activity.