Main Benefits

H&L’s Order Display Monitor software (ODM) has made completing orders easier than ever.

Our cloud-based software runs on any device that supports Chrome browsers and integrates seamlessly with your H&L POS system.

Incoming orders appear on the visual display to give the operator complete control over the entire order queue.

Improve accuracy, optimise efficiency and help your venue deliver to your customers every time.

New order alerts

The “New order” button flashes on the screen to let the operator know that a new order has arrived. With a quick dab on the touch screen the operator can review the new order, read it out to the prep staff and acknowledge the order. This provides complete transparency and accountability for staff throughout the venue.

Snooze & park orders

Maximise your orders on display by snoozing orders for a few minutes or park them until you need them again. This is a brilliant way to hide dockets for a short period while waiting for the next course to be called away so you can keep moving on the next lot of orders.

Snooze Orders
Bumping orders

Bumping orders

Manage orders by changing the position of orders in the queue with the ODM’s bump orders feature. Whether it’s prioritising VIP orders or bumping smaller orders up from the end of the queue that can be delivered quickly.

Expediting to an ODM Device

An ODM device can be enabled as an “Expediter” which change the behaviour of the ODM screens. 

When a device is set as an Expediter, orders are sent to this screen as they are completed from the other ODM devices. The Expediter operator then reviews the order and the items and can mark them off as they are sent out to the customer.  Using an expediter also lets you track how long orders are up on the pass before they are sent out, providing more information around total order time.

Customer display feature

The Customer Display option in ODM allows for a display to face the customer to let them know the status of their order and when it is ready to be collected. This feature is very useful for takeaway. You can customise the display by adding your own colours and logo.

Takeaway Orders

When pickup and delivery information is entered at the POS it's sent with the order to the ODM and can be viewed in a pop-up window.


This feature allows the chef to see how long it takes me to produce an item in the kitchen, and which are the slowest and quickest items on their menu.