Access Collins is a market leading, comprehensive hospitality reservation and event management software for restaurants, bars and pubs which allows hospitality operators to optimise space, increase efficiency and drive foot traffic. Used by operators to simplify the customer communication process and enhance the customer experience from booking and beyond, it is ideal for independent operators and larger, multi-venues.

Table management

We have an easy to use drag and drop functionality to enable you to lay out your venue for service. It gives you the flexibility to put multiple groups in one area, put one large group over multiple areas, turn your tables every 2 hours –whatever suits your operational goals. It’s all simple to do and quick to look at on the day/night to see where your spaces are.

We also have a one click Run Sheet generator which shows your heads for the night, break down of types of bookings and all the detail per table, including notes, customer tags, deposit codes and more. Everything your team need to know for service to run your venue smoothly.


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Event management

Access Collins gives you the ability to manage all event enquiries, regardless of whether they are from your website, social channels or a phone call. Managing everything in one central system can help improve your conversion rate by on average 24% or more. We provide the tools to set your own rules to take real-time bookings and enquiries all through one reservations website widget.

Our event management tools enable you to set yourself reminders, track the progress of enquiries, add packages, take deposits and pre-orders, print function sheets, do invoices and VAT receipts, and more. Our comprehensive event management functionality help you convert all your groups, parties, private diners and Christmas events, no matter the size. Access Collins is the the most flexible system on the market, offering multiple different booking types, not only enables you to set granular rules for each, but also advertises
to the customer special events e.g bottomless brunches, encouraging them to make another booking.


Enable customers to pre-order and pre-pay, giving larger bookings upsell options, and help increase spend per head.

Collins Mail

Easily manage all inbound and outbound reservation emails within Access Collins, keeping your teams email communication, in one central system. Keep your brand emailing and have complete visibility of all unread and sent emails to and from your customers.