Choose to lose the queues!

Speaking of choice, our Integration Partner Grayza gives your customers the option to avoid the queues and order directly from their tables via a QR code linked to your menu.

Direct table ordering through Grayza is great for both your customers, your staff and your bottom line.

For customers
It means they can spend more time enjoying themselves with their friends, instead of waiting for serving staff or lining up to order.

For your staff
It means more effective time on the floor, less demand on their time from disgruntled customers and more time to ensure customers are happy (and not hangry).

And with expedited ordering, you can enjoy a higher table turnover and lower staff cost. It’s a win, win… win (it’s lots of wins).

Why Choose Grayza?

Grayza is easy to set up and has an awesome support system in place with one of the most detailed integrations with H&L offering automatic menu sync, sold-out sync, membership-based pricing and more. Do more with less work thanks to Grayza’s real-time sync with H&L.