PEISO is a new kind of business intelligence software that helps hospo workers and owners flourish by helping them to:

Sift through data from accounting, rostering and POS interactions

Convert that complex data into easy-to-understand information that tells venues what to do to be profitable

Take action real-time to drive profitability

Earnings software designed for the hospitality industry, that creates an easily accessible window into business financial performance to drive daily decisions

Restaurants are complex – it isn’t just order food, make food, the end. They’re much more than that.
Made up of fragmented pieces of what you know about your business; disconnected back-end systems that don’t even talk to one another. Or if they do, in a language you don’t understand.
And, we’re all constantly adapting to new challenges.
Its kind of all over the place
And that’s – COOL

Profit Sense-making

Peiso gives daily snapshots of your venue’s performance which empowers venue managers to make business decisions based on financial information on the fly.
Peiso identifies venue specific, real time Kpis and translates them into daily decisions. All in the blink of an eye.
When you connect to Peiso, a full audit of your business is done and your current business model is generated, broken up into COGs, Operating expenses and Labour. We then distribute these expenses on a day-by-day basis and contrast them with your daily revenue to give you the most accurate picture of your business’s performance on a day-to-day basis.

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Insights, reports / visibility & control

Peiso converts your weekly financial budgets into operational insights you can use daily, by telling you your ideal roster and revenue targets every day.
Hospitality is an industry of change, rising wages and cost of goods are shrinking profit margins, Peiso factors these changes in to help you ensure your business is profitable.

Deeper Insights, less time

Peiso saves up to 16 hours of admin every week, is more accurate than manually compiled performance measurements, and highlights profit opportunities, all in seconds.
Peiso is your absolute source of truth – even factoring in the increase in your rent the day it happens.
Whether the Café that’s added over $250,000 in profit in 12-months, the restaurant that’s added $300,000 in 5 months, or the bar that added $175,000 in just 3-months, Peiso means profit.