H&L has done all the hard work and integrated with Slyp, so that our merchants can switch Slyp on seamlessly. 

How it works

Step 1

Customer makes a purchase using their bank card.

Step 2

Receipt is sent to Slyp via seamless integration of merchant’s POS system.

Step 3

Customer receives feature rich interactive smart receipt in their banking app or via SMS.

Step 4

Retailer receives anonymised insights and cardholder profile creating a unique view of their customers.
(Coming soon)

With Slyp enabled, H&L merchants will be able to access:

  • A greener, paperless receipt experience
  • Insights on your customer so you can refine your messaging to suit their habits (coming soon)
  • A new channel for marketing

What is a smart receipt?

A Smart Receipt is a tax complaint, easily accessible proof of purchase that lives directly in your customer’s banking app.

Slyp Smart Receipts are intuitive and interactive giving your customers immediate access to features including:

  • Return barcodes and reminders
  • Opening hours & social media links
  • Exportable PDFs of receipts