The Partnership 

It’s official! H&L is pleased to announce that our clients can now enjoy the integration with InnQuest roomMaster Anywhere, an all-in-one, easy to use hotel booking & management software to help you increase profitability and efficiency in 2022. Powered by this partnership, H&L customers can now tap into InnQuest’s extensive hospitality technologies and tools, fulfilling the needs of increasing direct bookings, driving revenue growth, developing guest relationships and attracting repeat visitors. 


Now, more than ever, having complete control over your revenue and distribution is key to running a successful accommodation business. With so much going on day to day, the need to have an all-in-one system to make rate and revenue management easy is a must. There is no better time than now to look at how you can set yourself up for success with an easy-to-use hotel software that takes the pressure off your administration work and lets you focus on what matters the most, your guests.  

About InnQuest Software

InnQuest Software was founded in 1994 with a belief that guests deserve excellent hospitality experience and hoteliers deserve a management system that would allow them to maximise the guest experience. Guided by this mission, InnQuest has developed roomMaster Anywhere, the next generation of Hotel Booking & Management Software. With a collective experience of well over 100 years in the accommodation industry, the InnQuest team is here to help you streamline your operations with all the features you need as a busy Hotel/Motel Operator. 


Integrated with H&L Exceed to enable simple back-to-room charging, roomMaster Anywhere is a simple to use ‘one stop shop’ Hotel Booking Solution. A Hotel Booking & Management Software with an Online Booking Engine & an in-built Channel Manager, roomMaster Anywhere makes connecting with your guests simple and automated, allowing you to focus on service, rather than dealing with technology which is what makes it a perfect partner for H&L Exceed. 


Why integrate with InnQuest: 

  • Easy to use: it is a very user-friendly system that helps you focus on what matters the most…your guests.
  • Stay in touch: Be in touch with your guests every step of the way with automated pre and post-stay emails and personalised communication. 
  • Use it on the go: Access roomMaster Anywhere on the go from any device, be it on your mobile, tablet or computer. 
  • Connect: Directly connect to over 150 online platforms from the inbuilt Channel Manager, making it easy for you to control your online rates and for guests to book you. 
  • 24/7 Support: InnQuest’s 24/7 Support allows you to speak to a real person when you need them the most.  


Key Features to drive growth in 2022 

Performance Reporter  

The performance reporter inside roomMaster Anywhere allows you to access real-time data and insights that can help you grow your business. The analytics tool monitors occupancy, guest behavior and profitability. By understanding customer buying patterns you can define more targeted packages and services to anticipate guests’ needs and focus on the channels of sale that bring you the best profit. 

Online Booking 

roomMaster Anywhere includes a direct hotel online booking engine as standard. With zero commission and reservation fees, increase loyalty by driving guests to book directly via your own website.   

Channel Manager 

Take control of all your rooms with roomMaster Anywhere’s powerful Channel Manager. Get real-time updates across all channels by seamlessly connecting to the world’s most popular OTAs such as, Expedia,, AirB&B and many more. Maximise your occupancy and avoid overbookings by centralising your inventory and pricing. 

Rate & Revenue Management

Take advantage of roomMaster Anywhere’s easy-to-use rate flexing features to maximise your revenue. Work smarter not harder with occupancy data at your fingertips as you manage your rates. Adjust rates on any channel quickly and easily, along with the ability to easily derive and package rates or even provide seasons for your rates.

Valuable analytics about past and future performance are provided via strong reporting and on screen in the rate flexer to make it easy for you to make and implement rate management decisions at a glance. 

Payment Gateway  

In addition, the Payment gateway integration to InnQuest’s suite of products enables you and your team to easily process credit card payments from within the software itself!  Online reservations are delivered with card details ready to be processed within roomMaster Anywhere. 

Connecting to over 50 payment gateway vendors, including Stripe, PayPal, Eway, Windcave & Adyen, you can even connect multiple gateways to enable you to use the best processor for different transactions. Reduce the human error involved in card transactions, no more correcting miss-keyed amounts in the PMS or incorrect account codes used for payments, no more needing to batching off the card terminal each shift or end of day, if a transaction is in roomMaster Anywhere then it has gone through the payment gateway. 


Ready to integrate your POS into InnQuest? 

Contact one of InnQuest’s accommodation experts on + 61 3 9728-3755, at email [email protected], or you can book a tailored demo with the team today to talk you through how roomMaster Anywhere can help streamline your business. 

We will work with you to grow your business.  

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