It’s time to say goodbye to our old and reliable friends – the hardy Versaterm terminals are heading toward their end of life, in fact, we sold the last one in 2013!

If you still run your pub with a Versaterm today, you have had a very good inning. They have been a consistent workhorse for years however with the ongoing rate and pace of new technologies flooding the hospitality market, they do have their drawbacks.

Although we’ll be supporting Versaterms in the short term, it’s not viable for us to continue developing features on this platform. They are no longer manufactured, and it will become increasingly difficult for us to develop features that venues need today, so we’ll be gradually phasing them out with future revisions.

When Versaterms were launched back in the 1990s by an Australian company based in Adelaide, they were a lifesaver for many pubs. The only two options available at the time were expensive computer-based terminals which were unaffordable or cash registers which lacked functionality.

Versaterms bridged the gap perfectly. They were developed by essentially adding smarts to keyboards, enabling them to act as a computer-based terminal in their own right. The technology was ground-breaking at the time and gave pubs the flexibility and functionality they needed to efficiently handle multiple transactions, at an affordable price. We ended up with the best of both worlds.

Touchscreen technology evolves

In the 2000s, Touchscreen technology evolved in great strides at affordable prices, with features that enabled better two-way interaction between the POS system and the operator.

The hospitality industry prides itself on continuous improvement in customer service and in today’s hospitality market, using technology to deliver efficient and reliable service is necessary. Touchscreen technology gives you the tools at your fingertips to enable this, giving your venue the following benefits:

  • Connectivity – interfacing with third-party software like EFTPOS, ordering Apps, marketing and loyalty systems. H&L has over 90 third party Apps that our technology integrates with to improve your venue’s operations.
  • Flexibility – to offer packages and incentives such as buying six bottles and getting ten per cent off at your retail liquor outlet or buy a meal and drink package and get the first drink for free inside your venue.
  • Visibility – it’s easier to work with and empowers management and staff to make faster decisions on the go. For example, you will always know the status of your tables. You can instantly make a new booking minimising wait times for customers, automatically allocate tables and send reminders to reduce cancellation costs.
  • A total solution– H&L’s Exceed POS solution is user-friendly yet packed with features that provide convenience and versatility and when linked seamlessly to the back of house solution, you’ll have total control, accuracy and transparency over your entire business operations.

Time to say goodbye with a “good buy”

To celebrate their end of life, we are offering a great opportunity to upgrade. Trade-in your old Versaterm terminal and upgrade to the new Exceed Touchscreen for some great savings.

There are also great hardware deals available for bulk purchases.

Register your interest here and your Account Manager will be in touch.

Let’s face it; Touchscreens provide a lot more versatility at the POS and can really make a significant difference to your bottom line.