H&L Australia are proud to introduce their latest software release for their POS system; Sysnet 8. Packed full of new features and improvements, Sysnet 8 promises to provide our clients with greater efficiency and business performance via their POS systems.


Changes to Offers now include such features as:

  • Batch Offers – generate batches of barcodes that can be used for advertising in publications
  • New offer type “Buy X over X”
  • Set offers using “for total price of” giveaway value
  • Offer configuration – no PLU’s or PLU Groups defined in selection levels now considered “all” so user does not have to enter all groups or items
  • ‘0’ Qty in offer giveaway selection level is now considered ‘unlimited’

Reorder Stock

Reordering stock through your POS system and support software can often be laboursome. Sysnet 8 allows you to:

  • Specify the “order for” location for line items
  • Credit claims are now created as purchase orders so they can be sent via e-ordering back to the supplier via your POS system

Receive Stock

Managing stock received, especially with different locations, is challenging at best. Now you’ll be able to:

  • Receive line items into different locations
  • New graphic to illustrate when the LUC (Landed Unit Cost) of an item has changed for a supplier invoice
  • View stock received batches (produced by Grip and/or Exceed) from the Stock in Location List and Detail screens


Come next stocktake, you will be able to easily:

  • View stock received batches in stocktake in your POS system


The packages function gives you added ability to define how the revenue is split for package items, such as:

  • None – package revenue attributed to package PLU not items
  • Cost % – cost price of the package items used to determine GP %
  • Retail % – retail price of the package items used to determine GP %
  • Manual %- user can set the desired percentage split for each item (sum to 100%)

For more information as to how Sysnet 8 upgrades can better assist you in your business and venues, contact H&L Australia today; Australia’s leading hospitality POS system.