Every month, the Australian Bureau of Statistics releases information on monthly turnover for the café, restaurant and catering sector. But what we find is more than just numbers – we get an insight into what’s happening in our industry. As suppliers of Australia’s leading Restaurant POS and Cafe POS, we take great interest in such trends.

Key trends for Café, Restaurant and Catering Sector

The start of 2016 saw a 2.9% increase in café, restaurant and catering turnover, a slight dip from the 3.1% growth seen over the Christmas trading period. At a national level, strong growth in takeaway sales saw a 3.4% increase in café, restaurant and takeaway turnover taking total earnings to $40.8 billion Year on Year (YoY).

Performance across the states proved patchy, yet saw strong Month on Month (MoM) growth for some of the smaller states, particularly SA and the ACT. These were the only two states besides NSW that saw double-digit growth in café, restaurant and catering turnover MoM.

Overall, January 2016 figures are slightly up on it’s previous years – 42.7 in the month of January, and 789.2 the year ending January. Both figures equate to 2.1-2.9% growth.

How does your venue compare?

If you’re experiencing slow growth in 2016, you might like to think about technology that can increase your turnover, such as a leading restaurant POS or cafe POS system.

At H&L Australia, we have a range of restaurant POS and cafe POS solutions designed to suit your own cafés, restaurants and catering businesses to help improve profit.

Want to save money on staff costs… and reduce errors?

Reliable, on time and incapable of a sickie, BooKBooK™ is your ultimate staff member. Make it easy for your customers to make a booking any time of the day – or night – via the BooKBooK™ booking widget. It’s an electronic booking system, totally integrated live to your H&L Restaurant POS or cafe POS system across the venue. Integration is the key to linking customer transactions, regularity and punctuality with bookings. These key indicators are measured against your customer database and are given a status according to their value to your venue.

Want to connect with your customers in between visits?

Smartphones have brought restaurants closer to the customer. Venues can connect with customers, improve satisfaction and build loyalty – resulting in improved profit. But to be found on smartphones, you’ll need a website that’s mobile-friendly.

Want to reward your loyal customers… and keep them coming back?

Ever struggled with marketing your venue? You’re not alone… that’s why we’ve created a solution specific for hospitality venues. Our Zen Marketing & Loyalty Solution works hand in hand with your restaurant POS or cafe POS to collect, analyse and action information to produce powerful marketing campaigns that convert into long-term customers. Use our marketing and loyalty solutions to attract, retain and grow your customers.

To learn more about increasing your turnover with tools such as BooKBooK™, mobile friendly websites, social media and loyalty programs, fill out the contact form or call us on 1800 778 340.