H&L has been around for 32 years. Directors Burt Admiraal and John Hardy were looking for a solution that helped them control their stock, and save time while they were at it. A detailed account of where products were going, but also a time saver. Both coming from an exhaustive background in hospitality, they understand it extensively but also know it is ever changing. We like to learn and observe how our customers use our product so we can continue to evolve and enhance our product

We have worked in the industry for decades, and understand that it’s not a weekday 9am-5pm job. So we don’t work that way either, and are readily available when need be. We care about what will help you drive business, and manage your two largest costs of materials and labour. Our staff are regularly recruited from the hospitality industry because they know what you need to succeed, and are able to provide you with advice from their own experiences and knowledge.

When we say “we’re local” we don’t just mean we are located in Australia. We have an office in every state, populated by staff that understand the ins and outs of what drives business in that area. Our 24/7 Help Desk is located in Adelaide with a variety of knowledgeable people who bring a lot to the table, attacking your problems from different angles.

Our development is also done in our Head Office and in Melbourne, with a fantastic team of developers with hospitality experience, and who have been with H&L for many years. Our staff know a lot about our products, as many of them have worked with our solutions prior to starting with H&L.

H&L truly understands the needs and demands of the industry, and are ever adapting and changing to match what hospitality needs. From our humble beginnings to over 25,000 POS terminals installed 32 years later we have grown into a multinational organisation growing on the success of our clients.