Cash and stock control

A modern cash and stock management software is an essential tool for any sustainable retail business.

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Facing hospitality increased operating costs

Cash and stock control has never been more important to safeguard precious resources and generate trustworthy data to benchmark and monitor your hospitality operation’s performance.

Point of sales terminal

Stock control

Stock movements are recorded from the moment of arrival to final sale. Such detailed tracking allows stock figures to be compared against actual stock levels so variances are highlighted.

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Stock levels

Previous sales are recorded as stock history to aid in the management of stock levels. Restock reports and recommended purchase orders ensure that stock is kept at a profitable level.

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Point of sales terminal

Debtors and credit management

Provides an accurate and efficient way of providing credit to your customers and managing internal promotions while keeping your stock levels in check. Monitor and report on all account balances, produce monthly statements and age balances easily each month.

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Another POS application making it a breeze to process any additional revenue, perform general sales, invoice and pay debtors and manage members, all from the back of house. The inbuilt quotes module allows venues to create, store, recall, and convert quotes to invoice with the click of a button.

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Shelf Labels

Produce shelf labels for products in your retail outlets, different sizes from a variety of sources; PLU groups, future prices, sales specials, sales stock.

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Membership loyalty program

Manage membership types and subscription fees, create clubs and allocate various discounts by location and groups

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Easy to access reports are grouped by type within the main screen: Stock, Debtor, Supplier, Member, User, Processing, Manager. Users can access the relevant reports depending on their access

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