Grow your Wine Club list at the point of sale

With H&L’s Wine Club feature, you can sign up new members at the point of sale so you don’t need to chase them up with emails or texts later to capture their information. It’s the easiest way to grow you wine club list – while your future members are right in front of you!

H&L’s Winery POS Benefits

Meet your customers' needs

Choose between Restaurant and Bistro Mode – with automated docket printing, order, pay and complete transaction at counter or tables.

Split bills in a number of ways – by seat number, items on a bill, and can be shared across multiple table accounts to expedite customer needs.

Order and pay from anywhere – staff can take orders and payments no matter where they are in the venue – happy customers!

24x7 online booking – capture table bookings 24x7, with online booking availability directly with your café, no third party fees.

Build customer loyalty and your wine club

Grow your membership – easily design and customise your own wine club rewards program, track and redeem membership offers as you need with flexible options, and increase your membership base.

Member promotional offers – can be created and barcoded, when purchase criteria is met there is flexibility in how they are issued and redeemed.

Mix and Match – create promotions where customers can mix and match items for a discount or set price that easily turns on and off with a time switch. For example, offer a new release of your wine free with meals for this weekend only

Easy to use for new and existing staff

Training mode – can be switched on to effectively train your staff across the whole POS without impacting on your live trade.

Design your keyboard – increase speed of service by using visual images to create effective navigation on your POS, and set up time switches for a variety of functions.

Public holiday surcharges – set and forget, surcharges can be managed seamlessly.

Package Meal Deals – create groups of items to be sold at a set price with substitutes as requested. For example, the cheese platter this weekend comes with two glasses of wine  for the price of one.

Staff messaging – an inbuilt function to communicate with your staff as they log onto the POS to keep communication transparent.

Stock levels and cashflow reports at your fingertips

Track your stock – stock control starts at the POS and sent to our stock application at back of house which manages your venue's inventory, purchases, costs, pricing, promotions, specials, and more.

Track specials with Available Portions feature – this is an additional feature that can be set for a special menu item to track against the POS until the item is sold out. For example, the goats chevre on the cheese platter might be a weekend offer until it runs out.

Gather a snapshot of current activity – keep an eye on cash in the tills, products sold and staff activity.

the tills, open tables, and see which Members and Debtors accounts have been active

Current reports at any point in time – reports are available and can be run at any time to monitor sales, revenue, time sales, and user activity.


"The competitive advantage we get by using H&L is to be able to provide the accuracy of a restaurant which serves 100 people at a time, and bring that up to the scale of a festival which serves 20,000 people at a time."

Sandy Lay, Bar Manager, Womadelaide

Why do wineries choose H&L’s POS solution?

H&L’s Winery POS features will help you build your wine club list quickly. Read more about why wineries choose H&L’s POS.

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