Our friends at HungryHungry are in the business of helping create more profitable and sustainable businesses with the use of Order at Table and Digital Menus for the hospitality industry.

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" We've worked side by side with our partners in the hospitality industry for 20 years and started HungryHungry to empower them to deliver next-level dining experiences"

- Mark Calabro, Founder of HungryHungry.

Group of people eating at restaurant using HungryHungry

Technology that complements your service and enhances the dining experience

Consumer needs are changing faster than ever. Scan a QR code, pick your meal, pay; this is service at its most convenient – perfect for the new world we live in.
Seamlessly integrated with H&L Exceed, HungryHungry allows patrons to seize their next dining adventure with a range of contactless dining options.

This is a platform which is designed for ultra-convenience, profitability and customer satisfaction, and it complements the power of H&L Exceed’s in-house capabilities perfectly.

Better Business on Tap - HungryHungry

Stunning Digital Menus

Create stunning digital menus, special dietary filters and add upsell options to menu items.

Instant Online Payments

Take instant online payments while your customers are still in their seat. Throttle orders so your kitchen isn’t overwhelmed at peak times, never miss or receive incorrect order. Never have another unhappy customer again!

Easy Order Fulfilment

With HungryHungry you can get business done in more ways than one:

Eat-in, Order@Table and Digital Menus

Pick up, Drive Up or Delivery, with contactless options for patrons

Age-Gate RSA regulation compliance integration

Proven to increase Patron Average Spend

Actionable Reports

Marketing AI

Take your POS reporting to the next level, get reports and insights into sales and customer behaviour with instant sales reports, location sales heatmaps and more.

Get real time access to all your customer data. Express what makes you different, promote your venue offering with promo codes and SMS campaigns.

HungryHungry is the perfect complement to your H&L integration. It’s your secret sauce to creating mouth-wateringly experiences for each and every patron you serve.