The hospitality industry is in constant evolution. As the world becomes more connected, trends evolve with it. And the takeover of smart technology is emerging with some big trends for this year.

Let’s take a look at 5 major hospitality industry trends to look out for. 

1. Mobile apps

Consumption goes tech and mobile is the rage. Think about it. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere, and are growing with features – photo and video quality, growth in connectivity etc. In 2016, mobile technology will become more dominant than ever before. Apps will be integrated into customer service, to introduce a new wave of hyper-personalised service. Automation will be on the rise too.

2. Smaller, boutique-feel venues

2016 will bring smaller, less expensive venues to our streets. There is a theme of hole-in-the-wall venues popping up – open to 100 guests or less. With the small bar liquor license being passed recently in Adelaide, this city is experiencing a small-venue boom. But Australia as a whole is in the midst of a similar transformation. Small venues make sense, in terms of streamlined production, food cost and wage efficiencies.

3. More training to combat staff shortage

Finding and keeping staff will continue to be a challenge. Australian hospitality talent is by far some of the best in the world, but there are simply not enough numbers. In 2016, we need to see more programs for youth wanting to work in the industry. Training and apprenticeship discussions will be at the forefront of staffing concerns in 2016 – because for the restaurant game to thrive, solutions to the immediate staff shortage problem need to land on the table.

4. Understanding data

Customer data – in other words knowing your customer – and revenue go hand in hand. It will become extremely important for venue owners to understand customer buying behaviours, price elasticity and changing market dynamics to improve a venue’s bottom line.

Understanding customers and how they spend can improve profit by 10-20%.

5. Cross-platform presence

Brand experience will go beyond having a nice website, to a more ubiquitous approach. A mobile friendly website, communication via mobile devices, and social media conversations won’t just be important this year – it will be absolutely critical.

So …..two weeks in and the hospitality industry in 2016 is looking bright. But what do you think?  We’d like to hear from you!  What do you have planned for this year in your venue?

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