recent article in the Restaurant & Catering magazine talks about one man’s journey in the restaurant game.

When Don Cameron started his restaurant, Mud Bar & Restaurant, his restaurant was one of two in the little Tasmanian town of Tidal Water and now there are over 40 different places to eat in that area.

But the times have changed. We’re eating out more, but the risk is far greater now too.

Mr. Cameron believes the key to his success is looking after his customers. Through his passion for doing a good job and making people happy, his customers returned.

His mantra? The customer comes first, every day in every way.

Genuine care for the customer

Organised tables, clean toilets, and a big smile… all those things are important. And then there’s your food. Quality product, quality service, and quality processes. If you’re going to have success in a hospitality business, you’ve got to be generous, Mr. Cameron believes.

Your staff and customers should feel appreciated. You’ve got a unique culture that people can’t walk away from. A lot of your success lies with your staff. Create a good feeling. Work on staff culture. Reward them for good work.

10 Tips for running a successful restaurant.

  1. Good planning skills: Spend time researching and planning. Identify potential roadblocks or challenges you might encounter.
  2. Consistency: Put thought into how you can maintain consistency, not just with the quality of your food and drinks, but also your customer service levels.
  3. Good communication: Effective communication is critical in the hospitality industry. Arrange regular staff meetings and always chat to your customers.
  4. A positive attitude: Keep a positive environment within your venue. Don’t make your customers feel uncomfortable, if you’re busy. Create a fun, friendly vibe… and stay that way.
  5. Be visible: Be at your venue as much as you can. It might sound obvious, but if you’re not there, how will you know what’s happening in it?
  6. Be devoted: Love what you do. Keep that passion going.
  7. Lead the way: Remain cool, calm and collected. Help guide your staff through busy times.
  8. Multi-task: Prioritise the most important task on the list, and work down from there.
  9. Be creative: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Be creative and be different!
  10. Never lose heart: Always remember the reason you go into this. It will keep you focused during those challenges days.

What about technology for restaurants?

An important part of providing customer service and running a profitable business is being supported by “leading edge” technology that will streamline processes, efficiently manage bookings, orders and payments.  This will ensure that you have more time to spend on the 10 tips listed above.

Talk to the friendly team at H&L Australia. We’ve got a number of technology solutions to make your job easier.  Call 1800 778 340 today.

But great customer service doesn’t just start once the customer enters your restaurant.  It also is about their experiences on-line prior to making the decision to dine with you.  This is where an informative up-to-date mobile friendly website and consistent messaging via is Social Media is so important.  H&L’s strategic partner Hospitality Gurus is able to assist you in this area.  Visit the Hospitality Gurus website to find out more or call 08 7200 1200.