A quality dining experience goes far beyond a well-crafted menu and décor. 

In order to deliver the best hospitality, you need the best individuals working for you, and while it is often an overlooked aspect of running a successful restaurant, it takes more than food and ambiance to bring in guests. Your staff are truly one of your biggest assets.  

It is also important to note however, that timing is everything, and it is understandably a tough time for restaurateurs in hiring due to the uncertainty of Covid measures in Australia. Building a steady team may not be as simple as it once was, but we’re here to help.  

Follow along for tips on getting the most out of your staffing and ensuring your restaurant stands out for its quality service!  

Experience vs. Passion  

When it comes time to hiring, the first thing we look for is experience. How many years they’ve worked, who they’ve worked with, and so on. Yes, experience is important, but having passion and drive is also invaluable and a great trait to look for in future staff.  

Experience can be accumulated by showing up to work and doing the bare minimum; it doesn’t say anything about one’s determination or passion for their work.  

Having a willingness to learn and a passionate attitude can often distinguish a good employee and a great employee. Don’t dismiss potential staff just because they don’t have the years of experience you may feel are necessary! 

Respect is Reciprocated 

You’re the leader, the person your staff look at to set the tone of what is admissible and what behavior is expected in the workplace.  

By treating your staff with respect, they will not only follow suit and treat their customers with that same regard, but will also foster a positive work environment in which the staff show each other mutual respect, benefiting everyone.  

Every employee is an important part of the business, and it is important to be respectful to each other and show that you value each other’s work. 

It’s essentially a domino effect – lead by example with respect in all that you do, and your staff will follow suit.  

Acknowledge hard work  

As previously mentioned, your restaurant staff is one of your greatest assets. They are the ones who work hard to execute tasks in order to bring in revenue for your business.  

That being said, if you see an employee working hard or doing something right, remember to acknowledge it and reward their efforts.  

Everyone needs some positive reinforcement in their life, be it verbal praise or even a monetary gift card. This recognition goes a long way in their overall happiness and never fails to encourage employees to go that extra mile in their work.   

Wrapping up  

Finding a team of exceptional staff to make sure your restaurant succeeds is essential.  

You can have the trendiest looking restaurant in the area and serve the finest wine, but without staff to serve it and show it off, it won’t succeed.  

Hiring those right few people who do their job well will help you build and grow your restaurant, so it is important to hire staff who are highly productive for your brand.