Long Chim

With a relaxed vibe and high-quality street food, Long Chim is uncompromising in its commitment to authentic Thai cuisine. The Thai curry pastes used in their dishes are specially made for the restaurant in a purpose-built manufacturing facility in Thailand.

According to Time Out “This is the best Thai food in Sydney right now. Hands down.”

H&L is proud to have this establishment as one of our key clients. Long Chim maintains a relaxed and friendly front of house vibe known for divine food, made possible by sophisticated technology solutions supporting their back of house operations.



Where they needed help

When H&L proposed our solution, the team at Long Chim were clear about what they needed from their technology to run an efficient and profitable business. Long Chim was previously using other POS solutions which they found cumbersome and non-intuitive.

To run a profitable operation without compromising food quality, they required:

  1. Centralised head office reporting – for visibility of stock and sales by management
  2. A robust stock control and a POS solution that handled thousands of transactions effortlessly
  3. Seamless integration between both back of house and front of house
  4. A user-friendly platform for their staff that was easy to learn



How did H&L help solve their problem?

Our solution included the following products:

Sysnet is H&L’s Back of House solution and is at the core of our product offering. Sysnet has been built from the ground up specifically for the hospitality industry. It integrates with a number of other solutions providing seamless control and transparency over the venue. Sysnet has a number of features that Long Chim use daily.

The accounts flow feature was implemented for electronic invoicing. For example, when an invoice is sent with one hundred-line items, it’s automatically reconciled with stock levels, eliminating the need to enter each line item into the back of house stock control system.

The recipes feature contains all cocktails with detailed recipes. The bartender can access this recipe from the POS as soon as they enter the order. It includes a picture of the cocktail, quantities and methods including the garnish. This is all installed during the set-up phase in the back of house system.


The ingredients used in the cocktails are deducted from stock items, so stock levels are automatically tracked.

We installed a network of kitchen printers. Long Chim has a large kitchen with several stations. Multiple printers were installed throughout the kitchen which allows dynamic variable printing. This means that each station receives the right orders – rice orders print at the rice station, fish orders at the grilled section, the curry orders print out at the pans. The right staff read their order, put it in their sequence and start preparation.


“It helps in delivering the service and the products that we do. It’s vitally important that on a busy night when we are doing 250 covers, we go to a screen put in the order and it can be delivered in five or ten minutes.” Ryan Bishell, Long Chim


The interactive floor plan gives staff clear visibility of available tables at the venue so they can accommodate drop-ins and change of sittings easily.

Syswan connects Sysnet to head office providing centralised data to head office management. This allows staff in the venue to get on with delivering customer service knowing that head office has operational decisions under control. Head office is located in Perth and they look after pricing and stock management.

Exceed POS – H&L POS solution for restaurants connects Sysnet to the floor. It integrates with Tyro to pay at the table, making a nice seamless interaction from start to finish for the customer.


It’s about having your costs in control so that you have a viable business so that we can keep delivering the beautiful food that we do.” Ryan Bishell, Long Chim


What are the benefits to Long Chim today?

Consistent service to customers – cocktail recipe information is held at the POS along with a photo. The bartender picks up the ingredient lists immediately and is able to follow the instructions. The photo clearly shows the presentation of the drink so staff can offer a consistent service. This is ideal for staff who are new or don’t work regular shifts.

Automatic stock control saves time and increases accuracy – stock is automatically tracked. For example, if a bartender makes a Cosmopolitan cocktail, Sysnet (the back of house) deducts rum, Cointreau and lime in specific portions. Management knows at any point in time how much spirit has been used and what’s left in the stock room.



Less manual handling of invoices means fewer human errors – the accounts flow feature reduces data entry and saves time. This additional time is spent making sure their customers enjoy the Long Chim experience.

Kitchen processes are more efficient – the kitchen printers have increased communication between sections of the kitchen and food is delivered on time and correctly.

More sittings in a session – the table floor plan is visible and interactive. Staff easily track which tables are free and which will soon be available, enabling them to easily accommodate new visitors.

Increases customer satisfaction – both the front and back of house technology is intuitive and easy to use. Staff can get on with looking after customers, while technology quietly and efficiently supports them in the background.



Real and accurate labour figures on a day to day basis – a simple user-friendly system that keeps track of forecasted and actual staff costs and handles the rostering and hours worked with great accuracy. Staff have the confidence that their information is accurate and they are paid in accordance with their Award.


Adaptable and flexible technology solutions change as their needs change – we’re currently installing a deli takeaway coffee station, requiring our POS on a smaller tablet due to space limitations. This wasn’t a standard offering, but we do our best to say yes to most of our customers’ requests, so we adapted our POS solution to their need. Our approach is to enable our business to flow unimpeded for our customers. We’ve been in hospitality a long time, and our large team of software developers have a flexible approach to adapting our solutions to our customer’s unique needs.

“With the POS system, it allows us to easily put instructions through to the kitchen, it saves us time and it prevents doubling up of any of the work that needs to be done. H&L is a very good system, and everything is laid out quite well.” Ryan Bishell, Long Chim


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