If you’re running a restaurant in 2020, you’ve no doubt been under strain like never before, regardless of if your business had to shut down for a few weeks or a few months. While it might be of comfort to know you’re not alone, as we start moving into the new norm, and restaurants are opening up to larger capacities again, you want to minimise the amount of pressure you face.

The following three digital tools are guaranteed to save you time, money and stress as a restaurateur.

Online Bookings

When you’re running a busy restaurant, having the phone running off the hook for reservations can be time consuming – it can even cost you money with staff busy answering calls when they could be doing something else. Not only that, but when things get busy, it can be hard to keep track of how many guests you have (which, in these current COVID-Safe times, is an essential part of running a restaurant). An online booking system makes it easier for you and your guests, providing a simple solution they can access from anywhere! It allows you to easily capture your customer’s details, including full name and contact phone number, and all the data is kept in one place so its easy for you to access at any time. Some online reservation systems can even make a note of special dietary requirements, so when your customer books again in the future, you know what they need and they know what to expect. Another bonus to online booking systems is being able to add walk-ins and update availability and floor plans as required.

Back Of House Solutions

Keeping track of the inventory for your business is essential, and with back of house solutions you can save both time and money through taking better care of your stock and your cash. A system that allows you to keep track of your stock movements by recording them and highlighting variances between stock figures and actual stock levels has many benefits for keeping your stock at profitable levels. A back of house system can also keep track of your creditors and debtors and help in providing you with essential reports that are easy to access and analyse. Essentially, this type of system assists with cash control, managing suppliers and taking care of staff activity and communication – three keys to a successful business.

Online Ordering

One of the biggest time-saving solutions that we’re seeing more of during COVID-19 is the ability (and desire) to order meals online. Patrons no longer have to stand and wait in long queues, concerned about maintaining social distancing. Today, with a QR code or link to a website, and a few clicks of a button, your restaurant guests can access your full menu, and place an order – adding in their table number, and paying for their meal, without ever having to move from their seat. Online ordering also caters to pick-up and delivery services so people can order your food from home. There’s generally no download required and you can customise this program to suit your business – adding your own logo, menu, location and other requirements.

Being a restaurant manager or owner isn’t easy, particularly in this unprecedented time. But if small changes can make a big difference to the way your business functions, it is well worth the investment.


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