After over a year of lockdowns, NSW residents were allowed outdoor dining after the area achieved a 70% vaccination rate. While pubs and outdoor dining were open to the public with strict COVID restrictions and mask-wearing, many residents were reluctant to explore the outdoors.

After the lockdown, the NSW government introduced the Dine and Discover scheme to boost hospitality and entertainment businesses. The scheme provided vouchers to NSW residents to encourage them to get out for dining and entertainment, which would boost the local economy. The scheme started in early 2021 and was due to end in June 2021, but the NSW government extended it to 30th June 2022. The acceptance criteria, terms and conditions of the vouchers have also changed.

How Does Dine & Discover Work?

The NSW government provided a specific number of $25 vouchers through the scheme, which could be redeemed in participating businesses. The vouchers are available to all NSW residents above 18 years. Initially, the government provided four vouchers worth $100 in total, but since December 2021, Dine & Discover NSW vouchers expanded to six, awarding residents a total of $150.

Dine & Discover vouchers are divided into two. Three $25 vouchers are for dining out, and residents can spend them in bars, cafes, restaurants and other registered eateries. The other three vouchers are for entertainment and recreation like live music shows, arts venues and cultural institutions. When the vouchers were expanded from four to six, residents who had used up their vouchers automatically received two extra vouchers in the Service NSW app.

How Can Your Customers Apply for the Vouchers?

If your customers want to participate in the Dine and Discover NSW and apply for the vouchers, they need a MyServiceNSW account. Residents can download the Service NSW app and sign up for a new MyServiceNSW account. Customers with an account can access the digital vouchers if they meet the requirements.

Those without access to digital vouchers can still use Dine & Discover vouchers by calling the Service NSW and picking the vouchers from the nearest Service Centre office within three business days.

Where Are the Vouchers Accepted?

Dine & Discover voucher

The Dine NSW card can be used in cafés, restaurants, clubs, bars, taverns, food courts and other food service venues. However, only participating Dine NSW businesses will accept the vouchers. Customers should use the Dine and Discover business finder on the Service NSW app to find outdoor dining spots that accept the vouchers.

Customers can utilise the Dine & Discover vouchers throughout the week, including public holidays and weekends. The participating business is usually registered as COVID safe, and customers don’t have to worry about their safety.

During the restriction period, NSW residents can use Dine & Discover NSW vouchers for takeaway meals. The takeaway option is only available in registered businesses. Customers can use direct delivery from the restaurant to their doorstep or pick up the meals from the venue. However, the vouchers are not redeemable on takeaway orders that use third-party delivery platforms.

Discover NSW vouchers are redeemable for entertainment or recreational activities, from cinemas and performing arts to museums, wildlife parks, theme parks and sightseeing transport.

How Customers Can Redeem NSW Vouchers

When customers dine or attend an event at a participating business, they can use the vouchers at checkout like other coupons. The process requires logging in to the Service NSW app and choosing a valid voucher to present the QR code for scanning at the checkout section. Customers who have redeemed the vouchers cannot reuse them. Participating businesses also accept printed voucher codes for scanning at the checkout section.

Business Support and Registration for NSW Vouchers

The Dine and Discover NSW scheme extension to 30th June means customers can access $250 million in vouchers to use in registered businesses. If you register your restaurant or hotel to accept the Dine & Discover vouchers, you can increase your business income. How do you register to accept the vouchers?

You need to check if your business meets the eligibility criteria. For instance, your business should have an active Australian Business Number (ABN). Ensure the details are accurate on the business register before you commence the registration process. Your business should also be in the New South Wales area and operate in the eligible industries.

For instance, to accept the Dine vouchers, your business should be a café, restaurant, winery or bar, while Discover vouchers require businesses that offer entertainment and recreational facilities. Apart from meeting the industry criteria, your business should comply with the latest public health orders and safety guidelines.

Dine and discover NSW QR code

Businesses can only redeem NSW vouchers used for eligible activities. For instance, Dine vouchers are for dining in and takeaway meals, while Discover vouchers can be accepted as payment for eligible tourism and recreational activities. However, the business cannot redeem the vouchers for ineligible activities like products or services involving gambling, tobacco and alcohol. You cannot redeem the voucher for cash, food delivery orders and online-only orders.

When registering for the NSW vouchers, you need to create a MyServiceNSW account for your business and two personal identification documents valid in Australia. You can use your Medicare card, Australian driver’s licence or passport. The next step is to fill in your business details matching the information in the Australian Business register. Provide your business bank account for receiving payments, and you are good to go. You may also need a business phone or tablet to scan the vouchers using the Service NSW Business app. When you are accepted into the scheme, you will receive app details for scanning the vouchers.

The review process usually takes up to five days, and you will be notified of the outcome. If you have several businesses with the same name and ABN, you can add the other locations to your NSW profile without additional verification. The business profile gives you access to Dine & Discover badges and posters for the vouchers that your business accepts. NSW has expanded its voucher scheme, and your business can also participate in the Parents NSW voucher or Stay NSW voucher for accommodations.

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