Managing your workforce doesn’t have to be a pain. H&L’s workforce management software was created to increase your venues profit.

H&L’s Workforce Management is a powerful management tool that streamlines workforce processes to allow you to devote more time to the many other things that need your attention. This tool is the result of listening and responding to years of feedback from the hospitality industry.

The software includes time and attendance software, a payroll integration feature and even forecasting and award compliance.

These features makes your job so much easier as time consuming tasks that are usually associated with managing your workforce are simplified and possible problems are eliminated.

Using the H&L software, all your important information will be in the one place.

  • Individual employee calendars for leave and date specific events
  • Employee availability grid for ongoing availability
  • Birthday notifications
  • Employee history and emergency contact details

Our software is designed to reduce staff costs through it’s:

  • Advanced roster scheduling including template & shift tools
  • Labour forecasting including labour versus sales
  • Integration with various payroll systems
  • User and role based security and functionality
  • Elimination of paper timecards
  • Operation and productivity reports
  • Automated award interpretation
  • Set targeted wage costs by roster, cost centre and site
  • Time and attendance options
  • Interactive ‘smart’ time attendance kiosk

With H&L’s workforce management, there is no room for errors, big or small, that cost your venue profit.

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