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As mentioned in our previous article, profitability is all about pleasing the customer, providing great experiences, and making it more convenient for them so they’ll want to keep coming back.

Let’s explore the use of Mobile Payment Solutions as a way of generating extra profit.

Consider the following typical scenarios where a Mobile Payment solution that directly integrates with the POS system will make a difference to your profitability, whilst providing a better customer experience.

Scenario A

With a group of diners, there always seems to be difficulties that arise when it comes to paying the bill.  That is why you often say there are “no split bills” as it is too hard to ascertain what amount each person should pay.

Then you still end up with multiple credit cards that need processing, and you are open to making mistakes and compromise the card security as you need to take it away from the customer at the table.

The ability to offer payment at the table via a mobile payment solution not only provides security for the customer but also convenience.

When the customer requests the bill, it should be able to be presented at the table for payment.  If there is a group and they then choose to split the bill, they should be able to do so quickly, efficiently, and accurately via a mobile payment solution such as a mobile EFTPOS.  The mobile EFTPOS terminal when fully integrated with the POS, enables bill processing and importantly offers the option to tip during the transaction and print the receipt on one device in a fast efficient manner.

Then it’s only a matter of each person passing the device around and entering the amount they would like to pay all at the table… now that is security and convenience all round.

Scenario B

How many times has your venue had to deal with issues associated with holding a credit card behind the bar?

Historically, this has been one of the biggest issues for both customers and venues, opening liability re the card’s security and responsible use of the card.

Why put both parties at any risk or under scrutiny when the answer and ultimate protection for both the customer and the venue is pre-authorisation.

Pre-Authorisation via Mobile Payment Solutions such as Clipp, Tyro, and PayPal, not only minimise risk of not getting payment, procedurally it will make venue operations more efficient, by making customers run through the administrative process of opening and closing their own pre-authorised tabs & cheques. And again, payments are guaranteed.

There are many benefits of Pre-Authorisation as follows:


  • Payments are Guaranteed – no more “walk-offs”
  • Operations are more efficient as the customer opens & closes tabs from their phone, so venue staff can focus on customer service and serving customers.
  • Venues can force tabs to close directly from their POS if the customer neglects to
  • Usually, there are no additional equipment and terminal costs
  • Venues gain access to important customer behaviour and purchasing data & marketing tools.


  • Lower risk of fraud, not having to hand over credit cards and IDs
  • No more waiting in queues to open and close bar tabs.
  • Simplified expense and accounting with receipts mailed directly to the customer’s inbox.

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