For the last 30 years H&L has roamed this great southern land (and beyond) providing awesome solutions to the hospitality sector. Over the years we’ve had the privilege of observing that astounding creature, The Hospitality Manager, in their natural habitat.

So where might one find this rare and matchless creature, The Hospitality Manager?  You might spot them locally at a pop-up restaurant, bakery, café or local restaurant.  Or perhaps you’ve seen them stalking the floor of the larger venue from the pub, the hotel, the races or in a massive setting like the cricket stadium.  But how will you know if you’ve made a genuine Hospitality Manager sighting?

First, you’ll notice the Hospitality Manager’s passion for providing marvellous customer service to all patrons.  They train, motivate and encourage staff to create beautiful customer service experiences.  Hiring and retaining good staff, wages, training and rostering may cause a wrinkle or two in the brow of Venue Owners and Hospitality Managers at times.

In the fast-paced and often low-margin hospitality environment, the Hospitality Manager knows that the best way to provide top-notch customer service is a happy workforce.  Productive workers are workers who feel valued and know that their contributions are meaningful.  The savvy Hospitality Manager knows that they can maximise worker effectiveness with intuitive and user-friendly technologies.

Happy staff means happy Hospitality Manager.  It all happens with some ingenious technologies allowing the Hospitality Manager to keep a finger on the pulse of the business, taking the headache out of rostering and payroll.  No more over-paying or under-paying staff.  No more short-staffing, over-staffing or accidently scheduling staff to work on their wedding day.  Good systems are fully integrated to collect data about labour hours per sales and per department.

Which leads us to the second, and most efficient way, to identify the Hospitality Manager.  Simply shout out ‘Profit and Loss Statement’ or ‘Cost of Goods Sold’ and the Hospitality Manager will startle and look up with peculiar excitement, even glee.  Smart data collection is an adaptive choice the Hospitality Manager has made to strengthen their species’ survival.  To survive and thrive the Hospitality Manager embraces the modern technology driven paradigm of the high-volume customer service environment.

Clever technologies fully integrate across the board, from managing the workforce, to inventory management to cash flow – and everything in between!  There’s no doubt in our mind that real-time robust reporting is the golden key for running the successful modern-day hospitality business. That’s why we at H&L, expert Hospitality Manager watchers, are so delighted to see the small smile upon the visage of the Hospitality Manager as they gaze at their POS tablet.  We know they are interacting with the venue’s gross operating profit in real time using our powerful reporting tools.  Our tools are limited only by the Hospitality Manager’s imagination, we always partner with our clients to provide them with all the tools they need to survive and flourish.

Which is a good thing really.  Most Hospitality Managers have been observed to toil at their labour of love on average from 60 to 70 hours per week.  Clever solutions and at-your-fingertip reporting mean that Hospitality Managers can take a breath.  Everything’s under control.  Time enough to recharge by enjoying some work-life balance.  We all like to see a refreshed and recharged Hospitality Manager ready to start another shift focused on facilitating breathtaking customer service for all.