Relying on foot traffic is risky as restrictions remain in place 

The hospitality industry has had to adapt on the fly for the better part of a year now, and in that time, much has changed and will shape the industry for years to come. While restaurants with a strong neighbourhood presence and a stellar reputation will get their share of business based off that, opportunities are missed if tables can’t be booked in advance.  

Hospitality Magazine recently highlighted how one venue was forced to adapt to their former business model but have managed to adjust the way they accept bookings. With summer around the corner and new seating arrangements necessary to follow guidelines and maximise profits, many venues will have to adapt even further. 

However, as dining rooms will not be permitted to offer full capacity for the foreseeable future, an efficient table reservation system can bring in new customers, while ensuring restaurants maximise table turnover. 

Staff management gets more cost effective  

By knowing how many people to expect on any given night, restaurants can plan out their roster accordingly. With social distancing measures needing to remain in place, knowing how many diners to expect in one sitting will help restaurateurs allocate staff accordingly. 

Adjust floor plans accordingly 

Not only will encouraging customers to book online help anticipate staff costs, venues can also adapt their floor plans. With an online booking system, venues can alter their floor plans for specific dates. Depending on the Covid-19 restrictions in their area (which are always subject to change) floor plans can be altered to stay in sync with social distancing guidelines.  

It doesn’t mean you have to turn away walk ins

Giving the option to book in advance doesn’t mean venues have to turn away walk in diners altogether. With the right system in place, you can still use your floor plan to see where you have an opening for customers, while still respecting distancing.   


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