For most restaurants, Christmas time is the best time of year. It’s spending season! Customers have full pockets to dig into for food, holidays and dining out – but they still need a little encouraging. Here’s how you can do it.

Be present on-line:

We all understand the dominance of the internet in this day and age, so talking to your customers on-line is a fast, cheap and easy way to catch them. Use your social media pages to promote Christmas menus, functions, new products or meals, extended trading hours and so on. Having an up-to-date website with a current, printable menu is important, as too an on-line booking system.

Decorate and get festive!

You’ve got to get your customers, or passers-by in the festive mood. Remind them it’s the season of giving and sharing, of cheer and (beer!) Decorate your venue with tinsel, lights, trees and wreaths. Display signs with your current specials. e.g. Free Gingerbread man with kids meal, or Christmas Cocktails $6 before 6pm. And make sure your staff is taken care of too – as they’re on the front line.

Give back:

Why not put every customer into a prize pool to win something, like a Christmas hamper. The same can be done in the way of a loyalty card; e.g. spend $50 over the ‘12 days of Christmas’ and receive a free cheese pack. Gift cards are another great idea around Christmas time, so make sure they feature in your advertising. Avoid the January slump by giving rewards to customers who book for January before Christmas or give coupons out at functions for use in January.

Keep control of the reigns:

Don’t let the busyness distract you from business. Keep communication flowing between staff and with customers. Tell wait staff to push the most profitable dishes and ensure new dishes are not confusing the kitchen staff. Mistakes will happen but make the most of them; get creative. Make sure to get deposits on large group bookings to avoid cancellation costs.

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