H&L’s Order Display Monitor software (ODM) has made completing orders easier than ever. Our cloud based software runs on any device that supports Chrome browsers and integrates seamlessly with your H&L POS system. Incoming orders appear on the visual display to give the operator complete control over the entire order queue. The ODM is packed with features, all designed to improve accuracy, optimise efficiency and help your venue deliver to your customers every time.

Here are a few of the ODM’s most enticing features:


The new order button flashes on the screen to let the operator know that a new order has arrived. With a quick dab on the touch screen the operator can review the new order, read it out to the prep staff and acknowledge the order. This provides complete transparency and accountability for staff throughout the venue.


With H&L’s ODM your operators can view orders from any serving period at any time. It’s a snap to refine your search by entering time parameters to see the details of each order in your chosen timeframe. With a tap of the touchscreen you can simply recall an order back into the queue if you need to remake the item.


Manage orders by changing the position of orders in the queue with the ODM’s bump orders feature. Whether it’s prioritising VIP orders or bumping smaller orders up from the end of the queue that can be delivered quickly, it’s all easily managed with H&L’s ODM.


Maximise your orders on display by snoozing orders for a few minutes or park them until you need them again. This is a brilliant way to hide dockets for a short period while waiting for the next course to be called away so you can keep moving on the next lot of orders.


With H&L’s ODM you can share orders across multiple screens in your venue. Or you can configure each device in your venue to streamline the display to show only what is required for that area.


Add notes to orders to keep staff informed of changes.


The ODM allows you to effortlessly track shift stats and orders for the serving period so that you can what is working and what areas could be improved on.

H&L’s products are all about optimising your venue’s profitability and making your profitability as easy as possible. Our sophisticated ODM is the superb cloud-based solution your venue needs to succeed. Check out H&L’s YouTube channel to see how the ODM interface improves your venue’s order efficiency.