Knowing exactly what is going on inside your venue is critical to reducing costs, and maintaining better business practices. With so many aspects of your venue to control and many different costs to keep an eye on, reporting in an easy to understand way has never been so important.

There is a big difference between data and information, and H&L understands that. Our reports are designed specifically for hospitality venue managers, by the hospitality industry. So we know exactly what information you need to effectively manage your venue, and how you need to read it. With over 400 different reports that our system offers, we give you valuable information to make critical decisions.

We believe that there are four different reports or tools to understand your venue that can make a real difference.

  • The Cost of Goods report is vital to running a venue smoothly, and should be used regularly. This ensures that the inventory is purchased at the right price, and also sold at the right price – keeping your unnecessary costs down.
  • Stock Performance means that you won’t be ordering stock that is not selling. Evaluate how stock is performing, and also know how many days it will take to sell out of the stock you have held.
  • The Live Wage Key gives you insight into your staffing costs that reflect your current spend, and how much revenue each staff member is bringing in. This way you know your wage cost percentage in real time.
  • Spot checks on Stock in Location is a critical aspect of operational management, reordering, and price negotiation. If your stock in location is live and accurate you have a much better understanding of your venue, and how to cut your costs.

Understanding your venue is vital to good management. It means you can make informed decisions that will allow you to streamline your processes, and cut your costs without the time or hassle. With over 400 reports formatted in a ‘hospitality friendly’ way you will have total transparency of your venue, and have far smoother processing. Allowing you to focus on the important aspects of your business and ensure your time is better spent – in or out of the venue.