As a venue you may think that you have a pretty good handle on your labour and inventory requirements – but you may be a little more challenged without even knowing it when it comes to keeping tabs and keeping proactive in these two key areas.

Yes labour and inventory are the two biggest costs to your venue; therefore it is vital to have it in check and understand all the ins and outs of your business. H&L have several product options that ensure that you are able to cut your costs in the most effective way

Sysnet – POS and your Back of House

Sysnet is H&L’s core H&L product. It is a hugely popular POS and management software that has been built “management first” providing enhanced inventory management capabilities to not only drive your Point of Sale system and assist your staff in a seamless manner, but also optimise your inventory.


Your labour costs will be seamless thanks to H&L’s core POS system. The direct connection allows you to monitor your labour costs, and also plan effectively. The Users application allows you to create specific security profiles to limit or provide access across areas of the system. This allows you to easily monitor staff productivity, sales and activity on the POS including refunds, price changes, discounts, and cash drawer pops. Use the messages function to keep in constant communication with your staff.


Your inventory will be seamlessly managed with Sysnet. The Stock application allows you to build your database quickly and accurately with base stock templates. This will drastically reduce your admin time, while also reducing errors. Reduce your staff hours while simultaneously creating more efficient stock keeping. With Sysnet the opportunities are endless with recipes for products that are sold together, transferring stock, and decrementing products simultaneously during promotions.

Using Sysnet’s extensive reports you will be able to save time and unnecessary costs with hundreds of reports on your stock.

BooKBooK- Bookings & table management

By implementing systems that make your processes more automated such as an electronic booking system, you will be able to reduce your labour costs and plan effectively. A quick way to improve your processes are to implement a bookings and table management system to begin with. You won’t have to worry about messy diaries, lost pieces of paper, and at a glance it is easy to see what tables are booked or waiting from a glance. An automated system ensures that you can cut costs and save time with automated messages being sent from your POS, where you can view the entire conversation thread. Save countless hours confirming bookings, and collect deposits seamlessly. You’ll be amazed at the savings on your labour costs with BooKBooK.

Workforce Management- Managing your staff

Workforce Management results from listening and responding to years of feedback from the hospitality industry. It provides you with the necessary tools to have the upper hand to reduce your wage costs, and having transparency on your venue’s workforce. You will be able to increase profits through effective staff planning, and not only that increase productivity with live sales per user. The Live Wages key gives you access to see the cost of your staff at any given time from the push of a button at the POS. Roster your staff in seconds, and those who are unable to work can auction off shifts to save you time. Stay legal and honest and comply to the complex conditions of the Modern Award System and Fair Work Act without needing to think about it.

Workforce Management seamlessly integrates into your POS, meaning that you can see your roster from anywhere in the venue, and quickly assign extra staff when required. Managing wages in a system that integrates fully to your POS and payroll software empowers you to truly manage your business.

If you’re looking to improve your labour & inventory processes and reduce costs, using H&L’s systems will help you keep your venue in check. For more information on H&L’s product suite, visit