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One of the hardest parts of getting your business out there and thriving is advertising it to the community and drawing in your demographic in the best way possible. Even a decade ago this was considered a super difficult task. But today, with the technology we have access to and the social media platforms that rule so many people’s lives it has never been easier (or cheaper) to get your brand out there! I mean just look at this, you’re currently taking part in the technology revolution by just looking at this very blog.

So get out there and get chatting and snapping about what your venue has to offer and I have no doubt sooner or later the likes will start flowing in; along with every man and his dog for that beautiful Sunday morning coffee.

The two best sites for the job:

1. Instagram

In the last few years Instagram has surpassed Facebook in its popularity and usage. It has become the go to app for stalking fashion and food above all else. And therefore is of course the best place to broadcast a few snaps of the amazing food you have on offer at your venue.

Your business can easily jump on the Instagram bandwagon by creating a page for the venue; and linking it to your Facebook account or website, so viewers can also see your menu with just the touch of their screen.

People are drawn in by a tantalizing picture of some scrumptious pasta, a plate of delicious fresh seafood, or even a well presented and prettily-patterned coffee. With the addition of a perfectly placed witty hashtag or a punny caption, potential customers are bound to flock to your front door. I would definitely take advantage of this outlet if you haven’t already.

One Adelaide café who use our POS system and have an excellent Instagram page is Bravo’s Kitchen (formerly Café Bravo) on the Parade, Norwood. So if you’re looking for some inspiration check out their super colourful and taste-bud tingling page.


Even if you do not post on it frequently, setting up a page on Instagram allows your customers to tag your venue in their photos if they are enjoying their experience. Especially in Adelaide where everyone knows everyone, word of mouth or “picture on media” goes a long way in achieving the ultimate goal of filling your restaurant on a regular basis.

2. Facebook

Similar to Instagram, Facebook allows you to share pictures and have customers tag their location. Despite Instagram’s enormous popularity in the last few years, Facebook still holds the most number of active accounts and is therefore definitely something that should be taken advantage of.

A Facebook page can be set up more formally than an Instagram account and also allow you to share your Instagram pictures to a broader or different audience. Set your page up with the company logo or a simple photo of the exterior as well as adding the address to be connected to google maps, making it easier for people to visit. Contact information and booking advice is also very beneficial.

In an age where people want everything to be readily available to them without working for it, a simple pathway to everything the customer might need to know is the best way to hook new customers before they get frustrated and log off.

We also have a new Facebook feature; an online booking system which allows you to switch out the “contact us” button and change it into a “book now” button that lets you book online. With just a click you are redirected to the booking page of the restaurant website. Too easy!


Jackie Lymn

Journalist and Hospitality Specialist