H&L Australia has always maintained that to maximise profit, a hospitality venue needs to take a holistic approach and have the capability to manage and recognise all aspects of their business including stock control, POS, workforce, bookings, and loyalty & marketing.

Always on the cusp of technology, H&L’s latest Sysnet software update is no exception.

Sysnet 8.0 is not just a “pretty face”; there are a number of new features to improve venues ROI that you can read about here, with the enhanced integration capabilities being the pinnacle of this release.

But what does this integration actually mean, and how can it help you raise your bottom line?

H&L believes that the key to unlocking the potential of your venue lies in communication, and not just that of the people working in your venue. Your software needs to have the same open communication and all “talk” to each other via integration or an interface.

This allows you as a venue owner to fully understand the “ins and outs” of your business, most significantly to reduce time and costs, and determine what and how each component is contributing to your bottom line.

These days an effective POS system must have enhanced integration capabilities; it’s as simple as that.

This level of integration will create optimum profit, efficiency, ROI and customer satisfaction.

A POS needs to integrate seamlessly with services such as payment solutions, ordering solutions, bookings and table management, labour, stock and cash management.

The plethora of mobile apps being introduced to the market including order ahead; delivery, takeaway and loyalty solutions, all currently need separate hardware and software to operate which clutters an already busy workspace.

The introduction of middleware has taken integration to a whole new level with Sysnet 8.0 now integrating to a number of applications, to seamlessly incorporate third-party applications like Menulog, Mobi2Go, and many more to the H&L POS. This will not only streamline the entire process but also eliminate the need for multiple hardware devices on the service counter.

In addition to the introduction of middleware, H&L are also very proud of the number of applications that have been developed in-house, specifically to improve your venues bottom line.

Just having a simple POS system is no longer an option with the need for additional applications to manage all aspects of your venue in one place paramount.

H&L’s current integrated products include: Workforce Management, BooKBooK, and Zen Global. 

Workforce Management

Workforce Management is a result of listening and responding to many years of feedback from the hospitality industry. It includes a range of tools and devices that allow venues to have an “upper hand” in reducing wage costs, while simultaneously complying with the complex conditions of the Modern Award System and Fair Work Act. Workforce Management allows you to forecast your revenue and set budgets based on actual sales, and when integrated with Sysnet allows actual wages and revenue to be monitored as the week unfolds. Managing wages in a system that integrates fully to your POS and payroll software empowers you to truly manage your business. 


BooKBooK is an advanced booking system that is able to achieve what no other restaurant reservation application can. Its advanced integration with H&L is what makes it unique – all bookings, correspondence, customer history, and table management will appear on the POS. BooKBooK focuses on optimising current allocated space with a higher yield, ensuring that with good table management, the best table turnover is achieved. BooKBooK saves time, with no need to allocate tables or organise running sheets, while seamlessly handling deposits. You will never miss a booking as it will always appear on the POS. Integration with Bluefrog POS is being written as you read, and should be completed in the coming months. 

Zen Global

Zen Global is able to handle your loyalty & marketing, gift cards, and live sales reporting. It is a platform which integrates with Sysnet to provide up to date sales and loyalty information over the cloud. Gift cards are able to be recharged and redeemed through the POS. It also consolidates live sales data from multiple sites to one database. Email and SMS marketing tools allow you to target customers based their dining habits, membership data, and membership type. This ensures that the members are getting the most relevant information to them. All of which is possible due to the integration between H&L and Zen Global.

H&L also integrates and has interfaces to a number of accounting packages, such as MYOB, Xero, and Accounts Flow. You can read more about who H&L directly partners with here on our website. Having an interface or integration to your accounting package will save hours of time and reduce the risk of incorrect data entry as your accounting information will seamlessly transfer your financial information from your POS to your application, removing any need for double entry and creating great time efficiency.

The best part about interfaces and integration is bringing control to the POS, which keeps management at the front line. It means you and your venue will have more managed control and business intelligence, which will assist you in making more informed decisions. With over 30 years’ experience in hospitality POS, H&L continue to be at the forefront of developing solutions to assist venues in meeting the existing and emerging technology and integration requirements.