Why is it so hard for celebrity chefs to succeed in the Australian hospitality industry? This week’s financial columns were abuzz trying to answer this question as popular macaron master Adriano Zumbo’s empire entered voluntary administration. The obvious comparison was made to Jamie Oliver who, despite being the quintessential everyman chef, has struggled to capture a solid share of the Australian hospitality market.

It begs the question, if celebrity chefs can’t succeed in Australia’s competitive hospitality marketplace, what chance does anyone else have? Or is it that celebrity chefs have not fully understood the complexities of the Australian hospitality market and consumer wants and needs? Do celebrity chefs and their backers overcapitalise as they overestimate brand loyalty in a low profit margin industry?

H&L knows better than anyone the challenges faced by hospitality businesses in Australia. Australia is an amazing place to live, work or visit. We love it here … but it is expensive. The cost of doing business in Australia is astronomical compared to most other countries with cost of goods, leases and wages all super high. Not to mention that a robust regulatory system and an extremely competitive market place mean the quality of food at Australian restaurants is consistently awe-inspiring. All this makes it hard to stand out from the crowd, especially to attract enough customers to support a higher-end chain of restaurants.

Customers will be curious enough to jump on board a brand-name restaurant and give it a try once, maybe twice. Brand-name restaurants have brand-name prices and Aussies will soon decide that when they want to head out for dinner they’d rather head to their local where the food is just as good but less expensive and is at a more convenient location to their home. It turns out a celebrity name over the front door will only go so far. So how can venues ensure their success? In Australia’s expensive and competitive hospitality industry, clever technologies are the way to reduce costs and maximise profitability.

H&L is proud to have so many successful clients, it’s a privilege to partner with businesses who are at the top of their game. H&L’s solutions keep hospitality businesses at the cutting edge. From H&L’s bullet-proof and beautiful POS and on to the full suite of solutions including workforce, inventory and management, we have your hospitality business covered. H&L has over 30 years of industry experience and our wide range of products will help you create a sustainable and thriving hospitality business. H&L has the Point of Sale solution to suit all types and size of venue:

Sysnet is used for venues that require stock control or has multiple areas.

Bluefrog is typically use ins venues with less than 3 terminals

Syswan is also an option for groups tob e able to control multiple venues from one location using Sysnet

You can integrate other H&L features like BooKBooK (a snazzy and smart reservation system) or Zen Global (market leading marketing platform) as stand-alones or integrated to Sysnet. H&L’s industry know-how, after-sales support and products will position your hospitality business to succeed in Australia’s ultra-competitive market.