Savings of 8% … how can you say no to that?  Keeping your customers happy is at the heart of what makes your hospitality business a success.  Customers want flexible payment options – be it hard cold cash, card or contactless.  Why aren’t you providing flexible solutions to your customers?

H&L knows hospitality.  It’s not a marketing line, it’s just a fact.  We know that most vendors are reluctant to offer flexible payments solutions because of the perceived cost of updating terminals and paying merchant fees on transactions.  In a recent H&L blog The Cost of CashThe Cost of Cash we posed the question: what is the true cost to your business if you don’t offer flexible payment methods?  The short answer is that your customers might opt to go elsewhere.  At H&L we have made it our mission to provide your hospitality business with solutions that will keep you at the cutting edge.

Our suite of solutions are carefully developed and selected to allow your venue to position themselves as players in the modern consumer environment.  This is why we scour the market for the best hospitality solutions.  When we come across an exciting solution we ask: Is it robust? Is it innovative? Is it functional? Is it modular? Is it affordable?

Enter Tyro. A bank with a small name but a big reputation.

H&L is proud to partner with Tyro to offer the Tap & Save solution.  Tyro is Australia’s business-only bank currently serving more than 20,000 business customers with its own in-house, cloud-based mobile core banking platform.  Tyro is committed to designing innovative products and better payment solutions for Australia’s small to medium-sized businesses.  Merchant fees are an unpleasant overhead for your hospitality business.  Tyro’s goal is to develop solutions to offer your business relief from the cost of doing business in the modern world.

Tyro’s hospitality businesses will save 8% on merchant service fees. Savings can differ from business to business, depending on the card mix, transaction volume and amount. So how can your business realise these savings? How does it work?

Currently in Australia almost all tap-and-go card payments revert to the international credit card schemes, instead of the eftpos network.    Credit card schemes typically charge higher merchant fees than eftpos.  The outcome is the same for the cardholder but you, the business owner, wear the cost. Tyro’s Tap & Save routes eligible debit card contactless transactions through eftpos to provide your business with a lower acquiring cost.

This means that when your customers tap, you save.   Tyro’s eftpos terminals perfectly integrate with your POS to create a seamless hospitality transaction.  Customers pay at the table and split bills are taken care of without your wait staff tearing out their hair.  It’s a revolutionary way to create beautiful experiences for your customers while reducing your venue’s overheads.  It’s so easy.  Tyro terminals are pre-configured for Tap & Save, all you need to do is opt-in.  There is no disruption to your business and no extra fees.  What are you waiting for? Get on board with the new wave of business banking and save your business money.