ZEN Global Loyalty and Sales Reporting Guest Post

I had a chat with Bjorn Magabo, H&L’s Northern Territory Manager, where we discuss why building customer loyalty builds more profit in your business.

“With the right information about your clientele at your fingertips, you can leverage better sales and at the same time delight your customers, so they are more inclined to return to your venue.

Zen Global, H&L’s Loyalty system will help you to maximise the number of people coming into your venue, and reward regular customers, while also re-engaging those who are not.”  Bjorn Magabo.

How does knowing your clientele’s buying behaviours help generate more business?

“You know exactly what your customers are buying. If the venue knows what customers are spending their dollars on, they can offer rewards that are personally relevant instead of a “one size fits all” reward which often does not work. It makes people feel looked after and they will keep coming back. For example, if you know there are 20 customers who visit on a Friday night who all like a schnitzel, you can offer this as a special, “get a free drink when you come on for a schnitzel on Friday night”, just to those 20 people.

Knowing your customer’s buying behaviour also helps you with your buying process to get some better deals. When you know what drink and food your customers are buying specifically, it is easier to create promos and specials. For example, if people are buying a lot of draught on a Wednesday, you can offer Carlton draught specials every Wednesday and order in larger quantities to get a better deal from the supplier.

For clubs with membership, you can create a specific member offer. For example, the Darwin Fishing club meets at the Darwin Trailer Boat Club (DTBC) every Wednesday night. The DTBC send out a communication to members of the Fishing Club and let them know that when they get there on Wednesday night, there will be a special on beers just for the Fishing Club members.

It is easier to keep current customers returning by looking after them well rather than spending marketing dollars to find new ones so by building loyalty, you are also building more profit into your business”

How can venue owners use ZEN Global to build customer loyalty and engagement?

Encourage people to update their preferences so that you have up to date information to work with. Zen is cloud-based so your clients can update details and preferences online. Remind your members to get online and update preferences. Let them know that by having their preferences updated, you will keep them up to date with events and specials that will match their profile, so they won’t miss out on anything.

Use bulk emails to keep people generally informed – ZEN sends out bulk emails so you can let people know what’s going on in the club, what specials are available and what events are coming up. Then you can also do more specific emails, but the bulk emails are used for general-purpose communication.

Announce random draws – tell your clients about random member draws on a particular night. People will come back to the club because everyone likes to know they might win something.”

Use texting campaigns to create effective marketing. Over 90% of people use mobile text to communicate, and most texts are open and read, unlike emails which have an open rate of around 20-23%. It is a quick and effective way to stay in touch with your members. Announce fundraiser nights, a live music event, trivia night as well as reminding people to renew their membership.”

You know how many members are at your venue – this way you can send a message in real-time offering a special on their next drink.”

ZEN Global also provides real-time access to your tills – how has this helped your customers?

“Yes, you can view your tills at any point in time from wherever you are.

The Darwin Trailer Boat Club in the Northern Territory are using ZEN Global for its live reporting features. It means Alex (their manager) can see what tills are performing at any point in time from wherever he is. It means he can make informed decisions and ask staff to stay on for another hour if that till is showing good activity and further leverage a busy evening. Live data details what products are being sold in any specific time as well.

For example, if they are selling many more Coronas during a particular hour or evening, they can plan ahead and make sure that enough stock has been transferred from the stock room to the cool room. You can also keep track of staff activity and performance.”

“ZEN is a good friend of mine, I am only getting started but I can read my tills and even when I am not at work I can see what is sold and what is not and it makes me feel like I have my finger on the pulse that little bit more. I’ve become more reliant on that now and it is easy”, says Alex Ehrlich, General Manager of the DTBC.

“Bjorn assures me that when I am ready I can learn more. I am catching up with digital age and H&L are helping me get comfortable one step at a time. H&L is always there when I need them. Bjorn Magabo up here is a great help to me and I am confident that he will be there to keep the continuity going in my business, way beyond expectation”.

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