As Australia’s leading POS provider, we serve more than 2,400 venues across the country, from stadiums to bars to retail outlets. Our solution – Exceed POS – provides control and transparency over F&B operations with a range of functionality including inventory management, back of house, and reporting.

We’re not just any POS software company – founded by hospitality experts, we understand the intricacies of your operations along with all the pain points that need addressing. Our team of experts has worked with businesses of all types and sizes and many of our customers are now multi-award winning establishments.

We understand how important it is to find the best POS system for your business – one that will help you exceed customer expectations and run a profitable operation.

What is Point of Sale Technology?

Point of sale systems allows businesses to accept payments for goods or services in retail businesses, restaurants, hotels and other service providers, helping businesses track inventory, manage customer data, and process various payment methods quickly and securely.

The best POS systems also provide insights into customer buying habits and trends, which can help when setting up initiatives to increase customer loyalty.

Any good POS system should connect all relevant data between the front and back of house to make life easier for business owners and staff.

Back of House

Our approach is about unifying the management of your business using one, centralised system. We want our customers to benefit from a suite of robust, integrated, and reliable software that provides the ultimate in productivity and efficiency, ensuring that your business performs at its peak and maximises its profits.

That’s where Sysnet, our back of house system, factors in.  Sysnet takes care of all your operational needs to ensure fluid collaboration. A few key features of our back of house system are below.

Stock Control

From delivery to sale, your stock movements are accurately tracked and purchase orders are recommended in order to ensure optimal stock levels.

Supplier Management

A clear overview and accurate records of outstanding creditor obligations keeps your supplier relationships in good standing. Each supplier has its own profile so you can easily order stock and view order history per supplier. In addition, data analysis provides insights on risks and opportunities.

Till Balancing

Simplify the process of exporting to external accounting systems by ensuring accurate totals and error-free information.


Manage additional sales, invoices and debtors, and convert quotes to invoices at the click of a button.


Reporting functionality makes it easier to gain an overview of various processes. Reports are categorised by type (stock, debtor, supplier, member, using, processing, and manager).


How a Robust Cloud Based POS System Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Modern POS systems offer a broad range of benefits. As well as taking payments from credit and debit cards and managing front and back of house operations, they can help businesses to track customer behaviour and preferences, ultimately improving customer service and allowing for more informed marketing decisions.


Reduced waiting times due to quick, efficient payments ensures that customers needn’t wait longer than necessary. In our busy world, people don’t have time to spare, whether that involves waiting for a webpage to load or making a payment in your establishment.

Fast payment processing is among the most important features you need from any point of sale system – it keeps customers satisfied when they’re pushed for time and will give them an overall positive impression of your brand. This will increase customer loyalty and lead to recommendations through word of mouth and social media.

It’s not just your customers that benefit – if you operate a busy nightclub, for example, you can prevent queues forming and serve a large volume of customers, increasing your sales and preventing customers from going elsewhere.


A solid POS system makes it easier to organise every aspect of your business. Whether automating your inventory management system or invoice management, operational bottlenecks and errors can be eliminated, saving time and making the management of your business much more convenient for everyone involved.

Employee Management

Employee management features also help you to manage productivity and track sales per employee, among other metrics. This allows you to reward good performance and troubleshoot in cases where staff are under-performing.

Inventory Management

Retail ordering is simplified and you can have better control over inventory. In addition, reports can be generated automatically, saving the time and attention of your staff, which can be directed to providing service instead.


The best POS systems allows you to analyse data which can later be used for marketing analytics purposes as well as targeted promotions. Another benefit is sustainability – customers have the option of receiving receipts by email.


All the above benefits ultimately lead to increased profits. In addition, POS systems facilitate upselling and cross-selling by recommending related products – something that is vital for retail businesses especially.

All in all, a robust point of sale system creates an improved shopping or dining experience and improves your bottom line.

Why We Are the Leading POS Provider

24/7 Customer Support

Your staff need to give all their attention to customers around the clock – you don’t need to have downtime due to technical issues. That’s why we provide 24/7 support.

Any time day or night, you can rest assured that we’re here if support is needed so your business can run smoothly, no matter what.

Support is not only provided by technical experts, but our experienced hospitality professionals who understand the ins and outs of your operations. We also offer quick on-site or remote set-up so you can get up and running in to time at all.


We’ve been leading in our industry for more than 30 years, and for good reason – we listen attentively to our customers’ needs and do everything we can to continually improve our software and hardware solutions. In addition, we offer webinars for training your staff to use new features so your business can get the most out of important new developments.


A POS system must be able to protect businesses from fraud and data breaches, as well as encrypt credit and debit card information. Our solutions meet all these criteria and ensure only authorised users can access sensitive data.

Our servers never store credit card details or customer information which ensures compliance with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS).

Cloud Based

Our cloud based POS system lets you access your sales data and makes it much easier to manage multiple locations. On-site POS systems come with many risks, such as data loss and inaccurate data consolidation.

Some advantages of cloud based POS systems are as follows:

  • Data is backed up automatically – if the worst were to happen (such as a fire or natural disaster), you can rest assured that all your valuable data is protected.
  • You can also access data anywhere, any time – there are many situations in which you’d want to access your data from another location and thankfully, using a cloud-based system makes that possible.
  • Updates and bug fixes are deployed quickly and efficiently, allowing you to enjoy the addition of new features without having to think about it.
  • You can make your own updates (such as menu changes) easily and ensure they are reflected across multiple locations immediately.

Seamless Integration

Our solutions seamlessly, effortlessly integrate with POS hardware and other systems including a range of accounting, booking, marketing and events software. We equip venues with the hardware they need to carry out all their operations, such as payment terminals, scanners and printers. Some types of POS terminals are:

  • Dine in terminals: Typically used in restaurants and cafes, they are larger than other types of POS terminal and usually have a built-in printer.
  • Mobile, tablet and other handheld terminals: Small, lightweight devices that can be used anywhere.

Using the right terminal is another important factor in customer experience. We speed up the process of finding the right terminals for you so you can have a complete POS solution. We also cater to your ongoing hardware needs – you can purchase paper rolls and other necessities from our online POS hardware store at a discounted price.

The Ultimate in Customisation

We offer various types of POS to cater to the needs of:

  • Hotels
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Cafes
  • Liquor and bottle shops
  • Stadiums and other event providers

What’s best for restaurants may not be best for other establishments. Our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each type of business so you can focus on providing the highest quality service. You can further customise the functionality for your business needs and adapt the look and feel to suit your branding.

Customer Experience

As well as all the standard benefits of a POS system such as reduced wait times, our solution helps businesses manage loyalty and rewards programs, gift cards and promotion and you can gain insights through analytics.  Our Clubs and Memberships POS makes it easy to do so – with reports on member activity, patronage and preferences, you can create campaigns that will keep customers coming back for more.


Fluid and transparent communication among employees is possible thanks to our inbuilt messaging function. This ensures service never needs to be disrupted and staff can contact each other remotely.

Advancing the hospitality industry is our passion and we always strive to help our customers to take their businesses to the next level with maximum efficiency. Whether you’re looking for a retail POS, restaurant POS, or want to learn more about any of the features you need, contact us for more information or to arrange a free demo.


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