Remember when software was expensive? You’d pay a huge up-front fee and then an on-going annual cost that dwarfed most of your other outgoings.

Times have, thankfully, changed. The advent of software subscriptions has made once unreachable solutions available to virtually every business. You no longer need to be a big chain with deep pockets to access the best technology available.

Despite this, you may be in a situation where you have no software subscriptions in place or are lagging behind on earlier versions of your vendor’s current product.

That isn’t smart. But the following benefits you’ll get from a software and support subscription are:

1. Software subscriptions are appealing

If you’ve worked in the hospitality industry for any length of time, you’ll be familiar with the old software purchasing model.

It was cumbersome, expensive and a real wrench every time you needed to renew your annual support contracts.

By comparison, software subscriptions are far more palatable. Some would say they’re even rather appealing. Rental agreements for software can work for both cloud-based and on-premise solutions, and most payments are treated as operating expenses rather than capital expenditure.

2. Software license management is far easier

Are you one of those restaurants which has previously bought too many software licenses, only for several of them to sit unused?

With software subscriptions, this form of capital wastage is non-existent, because you only pay for a plan to access the software. In some instances, this means licenses can even be transferred between machines, making the distribution of tools across your business far easier.

3. It’s the ‘done thing’ in the digital age

Modern software vendors like the predictability that comes from long-term subscription schemes. And that’s fair enough, because it plays out just as well for the user.

Technology in the digital age now favours subscription models for software. That’s why most mobile software is subscription-based and why the line between mobile versions of apps and their desktop counterparts continues to blur.

We only have to look at the success of the many accounting platforms and the big boys like Salesforce to realise that renting software is now the familiar, ‘done thing’ in virtually every industry.

The benefit of the H&L subscription model

At H&L, we offer our services on a subscription model and, predictably, the uptake has been fantastic. It’s clearly what our clients want, but if you need some convincing, here are some of the benefits you’ll experience:

– Access to version upgrades. There was once a time when software updates would come at a cost and at the expense of downtime. Now, with H&L’s subscription model, you get immediate access to version upgrades as part of the deal.

– Continuous innovation. We’re dedicated to continually improving our products, and thanks to subscription models, we’re able to do that consistently. The enhancements we regularly add result in improved profitability and operations for our clients, and they’re delivered as part of the rental agreement.

– New app integrations. We’re big believers in working with partners to provide the best solution for our users, and the subscription model helps us team up with other developers to offer brilliant integrations for H&L software.

The benefit of the H&L support subscription

Although you’ll have no trouble using our software, a little help is sometimes needed. Here are the benefits of H&L support subscriptions.

– A range of options. No two restaurants are the same, which is why we offer a range of support solutions. Just need Monday to Friday support? No problem! Want more comprehensive, after-hours access to our awesome team? Sure!

– Access to a responsive monitored call centre. When you need help or just have a question, the answer is there – fast. In fact, we target up to 90% of calls to be answered on a first call basis. How often did that happen with your old software vendor?

Wrapping up

The delivery and support of software has changed considerably over the last few years. If you’re not subscribing to your key business apps and platforms today, you’re missing out – big time.

If you’d like to find out more about the H&L software and support subscription options, just get in touch with our friendly team today.


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