It’s been an unprecedented period for the hospitality industry. Venues across the country have temporarily closed their doors, with restaurants limited to offering takeaway and delivery.

While it’s perfectly natural for some panic to set in due to the uncertainty over when restrictions will be lifted, venue owners/managers have found ways to adjust. As the needs for those in the F&B industry have shifted, so have the priorities of H&L. With restaurants, bars and cafes limited to takeaway and delivery, H&L’s OrderNow function provides restaurants with a direct tool to offer just that.

Even with the current restrictions in place, restaurants continue to serve a valuable role in the community, as diners everywhere crave comfort food in isolation. Even with venues closed, restaurants can warm up a customer’s day. Whether people are working from home, or looking after their children all day, sometimes a break from preparing a meal is needed.

Business owners “sent into a frenzy”

Ian and Leah Sloan of Berry Springs Tavern, like countless other venue owners, understandably was floored when Covid-19 restrictions led to dining room shutdowns. “I was probably like so many other business owners, in absolute disbelief and sent into a frenzy,” recall both.

Berry Springs Tavern had to make many adjustments in order to continue operating, with staff needing to perform different tasks. The change was especially difficult, with Berry Springs Tavern’s business centred around in-venue food, beverage and entertainment. “It meant a complete pivot of our business. The instant adjustment required some very quick thinking outside of the box.”

Shifting strategy to center around takeaway

As venue owners, Ian and Leah had to consider many things in assessing the impact his business would endure. Upon hearing the news from the Prime Minister of the new restrictions, Leah buckled down on quickly developing his business’ new strategy. Among the concerns at the top of his list were potential food wastage, core business operations and staffing adjustments. Finally, Berry Springs Tavern’s core of business had to shift to an appropriate takeaway menu with the right pricing, packaging and logistics in place. That’s where H&L came in.

OrderNow provides the tools needed to continue thriving

One simple email from a H&L team member got the ball rolling. Ian and Leah felt comfortable in implementing the new feature immediately, thanks to a seamless working relationship with the H&L team. And H&L were thrilled to offer the new tool to another business hit with such a sudden blow. Businesses everywhere needed a quick solution and required a fast setup. “H&L stepped me through every part of the program, functionality with specific focus on how to meet my business and changed needs”.

Main Benefits for Berry Springs Tavern

Berry Springs Tavern was ready to introduce their new takeaway system quickly to customers. Ian and Leah saw a very positive response from his customer base when promoting the new service. Not only have Berry Springs Tavern’s customers enjoyed it, but the staff have been able to pick up the new system quickly. Since introducing the new feature, Berry Springs Tavern has already seen over 3.5K in sales.

 “Easy and seamless online ordering ability with integration to my POS and immediate printing to the kitchen using my existing PLUs.”


Staying open amid the crisis

Unfortunately, many F&B businesses made the call to close their doors entirely, rather than jump exclusively to takeaway and delivery. However, Ian and Leah at Berry Springs Tavern felt their venue could play a big role in lifting the community’s spirits. While some adjustments to the menu were made to reduce food wastage, customers have embraced Berry Springs Tavern’s offerings, as well as their role in the community.

“We had a strong reputation with our food and the customers still wanted the same product to take home. The community response to us choosing to retain the product offering has strengthened the community engagement and support and fostered increased loyalty and communication.”

OrderNow – easy setup, be live in a few days!
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