Hospitality businesses across Australia have been fighting hard for months to ensure guests that it is safe to dine in their establishment. 

A recent survey indicated that diners are comfortable with going back to restaurants with proper safety precautions taken, but there remains some concerns. Hospitality Magazine cited a report by research agency Pollfish for GuestCheck Australia that concerns over privacy and hygiene practices were behind a lack of confidence in dining out. While restrictions vary across states and territories, all jurisdictions currently require venues to provide contact tracing details.

One concerning finding in the survey was that only 10 percent of respondents said they had been offered the option to check-in via QR code or digitally, despite it being the most preferred option. 

The reason this option was most preferred was primarily due to hygienic purposes, as 50 percent weren’t keen on providing details via pen and paper, which may have been used by others. 

Privacy was another top concern, as patrons ‘didn’t appreciate’ having personal information on display for others. It could be a reason why some purposely chose to provide incorrect information. 

New South Wales made digital records compulsory, but only 12 percent of Sydney respondents had been provided digital check-ins in the city. 

QR Codes are safer, and ensure accuracy

Ultimately, whether digital check-in is mandatory in the state or not, QR codes are the safest and most efficient option as far as complying with proper contact tracing. 

On top of a streamlined check-in, QR codes can also be beneficial in providing digital menus for customers and allowing them to order directly from their phones, reducing contact with staff and ensuring a safe dining experience for all. Venues can also relieve themselves of the stress of compiling registration forms on paper.

Fortunately H&L has provided a free guide on creating a guest registration form, which can be found here.

Going digital benefits both the venue and the diner, as safety standards are met more easily, and accuracy on contact tracing is better, which will help keep restaurants and bars trading throughout the pandemic.


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