Surveys show diners willing to return to restaurants with right precautions in place 

States across Australia are in different stages of lockdown or other every-day restrictions, as restaurateurs look for ways to A) operate under takeaway/delivery only and B) how to encourage diners to return to venues once restrictions are lifted.  

The good news for restaurants and bars is that consumers appear willing to return to venues, so long as the right safety measures are implemented. shared a survey from Brasserie Bar Co that indicated 34% were willing to return to restaurants immediately, while another 53% were willing to return, but only if they were assured safety. 

Simple safety measures can make a huge difference  

The survey went on to mention that 13% of respondents feel safe with staff wearing face masks, with 26% comfortable with adequate spacing between indoor tables and 24% comfortable with outdoor seating.  

With restaurants required to ensure adequate spacing between tables, this begs the question of how venues can keep turning profits at limited capacity. Table turnover is more important than ever, and a streamlined reservation system can help ensure that there aren’t double bookings or capacity limits aren’t exceeded. 

Cleanliness will also ultimately please customers, not just for covid prevention, but for general sanitation purposes. If there’s anything positive this situation has brought us, it’s enhancing our cleaning habits. Frequent physical sanitation of high traffic areas such as door handles, chairs, tables and payment devices is crucial in staying safe. Fortunately, H&L can help you speed up the sanitation process, with this device that sanitises payment terminals with UV light. The solution is safe, is automated to disinfect regularly and requires no additional software integration. 

Offer contactless options 

While the Brasserie Bar Co. Survey indicated that only 38% of respondents felt uncomfortable with handling restaurant utensils, crockery and physical menus, that’s still a significant chunk. Offering a digital menu via QR codes can certainly put their minds at ease regarding menus.   

Venues can also give customers the option of ordering food straight from their mobile device, via digital menus. This reduces the contact between staff and diners, while still allowing for speedy service and ensures accuracy in food orders. With the entire kitchen to table to payment process streamlined, contact can be kept to a minimum, and diners can relax even further. 

Wrapping up  

If your venue is currently restricted to takeaway/delivery only or at an extremely limited capacity, the best course of action is firstly to communicate with your customers. Remain active on social media, indicate how you’re currently operating and let them know what you have to offer. Most importantly, when restrictions are lightened, ensure them that they can feel safe in your establishment.   


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