Quick Response barcodes find niche in restaurants in effort to reduce contact

The hospitality industry has shown incredible resilience in quickly adapting to the current landscape. For much of the year now, food and beverage venues have been operating either as takeaway/delivery only businesses, or at reduced capacity. Additionally, customer service has taken a shift, as new efforts have been made to keep human contact at a minimum. 

In light of these efforts, QR codes have made their way into restaurants and pubs, with operators placing the codes at the hostess stand, table tents or by the door. Guests are now able to scan these codes with their phones and receive a digital menu. They can also order and pay, which further reduces physical contact with their server. For further convenience, these codes don’t even require guests to download an app.  

Guests are particularly fond of the QR codes for its convenience, as they can order food and drinks exactly when they want to, without having to flag down a server, or approach the bar.

Diners feel safer 

While these QR codes not only streamline the ordering process and make staff’s jobs easier, customers ultimately feel safer dining out, as they don’t need to physically touch a menu. While disposable or single-use menus are one route to go, QR codes spare the need to print out countless menus.

Big equaliser for labour issues

One of the biggest challenges of the year has been for restaurants to adjust their labour costs. QR codes have shown to help restaurants and bars who now require less waitstaff. Going digital also allows restaurants to connect with customers more effectively. For example, customer satisfaction surveys can be built in, as well as loyalty programs or the option to split the bill.

These benefits all come at a relatively low cost to hospitality venues. The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted methods of business and QR codes might just be a boost operators need to recover any lost revenue.

Save on cost and time

H&L have the tools to allow restaurants to shift to digital menus and a contactless order and pay experience. Our OrderNow feature allows customers to place an order from their phone and pay at their own convenience. This streamlined customer experience will reduce human error, put diners’ minds at ease and ultimately, speed up service, leading to a higher table turnover. 

Wrapping up

QR codes can speed things up and take out the stress of having to fill out guest registration forms with pen and paper. Be sure to download our free guide on creating a guest registration form here.


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