No matter when you read this blog post, we’re probably living in rather different times.

At the time of writing, COVID-19 has resulted in a global pandemic. One of the hardest hit industries (and, let’s not forget that this impacts pretty much every industry) is undoubtedly the hospitality sector.

Our thoughts remain with the teams and business owners who are understandably concerned and anxious about what lies ahead. However, one thing remains true, no matter what the world throws at us: teamwork reigns king.

If you’ve spent any amount of time in the hospitality industry, you’ll know that the most successful businesses are those that are driven by a brilliant team.

Your team might be feeling vulnerable at the moment. Here’s how to boost their spirits.

1. Keep in touch – daily

Whether you’re self-isolating or having to operate at half-mast in terms of team numbers, make sure you all continue to check in with each other every day.

Thankfully, we now live in a world full of amazing communication tools. Whether you use Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom, there will be a platform that enables the entire team to meet virtually each day.

You can talk business, sing motivational songs or share self-isolation tips. But, whatever you do, make sure you keep that line of communication open – always.

2. Switch up your priorities

If you can’t serve guests or knock up dishes in the kitchen, there’s other stuff you can do.

It’s important to have a focus and set of goals at times like this, which is why helping team members reshuffle their priorities is vital.

Ask yourself: which parts of the business can they still have a positive impact on?

Updating your website, revising internal rotas and procedures; you’ll be surprised by how many tasks can be undertaken while you’re closed.

3. Set yourselves daily exercise challenges

Keeping your body healthy and fit during this time will help immeasurably with mental health and positivity.

With that in mind, why not ask the team to take a daily exercise challenge? There’s loads you can ‘borrow’ from social media and YouTube, and everyone can share their progress during those daily meetings (see tip 1).

4. Check what support is available

The Australian government is doing as much as possible to support businesses like yours during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some of the measures are designed to ensure you can retain staff during the downtime by subsidising wages or providing temporary cash flow support. Check their website for the latest support offerings.

5. Relax your policies

Clearly, if people aren’t able to be at work, your policies, procedures and guidelines become somewhat diluted.

That’s fine. No matter how tight a ship you run, now is the time to relax your rules and ensure staff feel empowered to step outside of work mode and feel unrestricted by guest requirements or the need to put a front on for the business.

Wrapping up

There isn’t anything a brilliant restaurant team can’t overcome. And, if you follow our tips above, yours will remain strong during even the most challenging of times.

H&L Introduces New Pickup and Delivery Functionality

With restaurant customers now looking to order online and stay home, at H&L we have developed a new functionality: “Order for Pickup & Delivery”. Don’t lose your customers by allowing them to order their favourite plates directly from your website!

For more information on our “Order for Pickup & Delivery” functionality, send an email to The feature is easy to set up and can get you live in just a few days!


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